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ImageI’m sitting in my brand-spanking new office with its fabulous paint job and not-so-fabulous boxes of stuff waiting for a final home. It’s 8:30 in the morning and, yes, I was up all night once again getting this issue out. As always, I’m telling myself this is the last time it will take an all-nighter.

Mind you, we were right on schedule for a 5:00 p.m. office departure until yesterday at noon. Suddenly there was no internet. Then there was no communication between our computers. We were at a stand-still. We couldn’t print; we couldn’t finish our research (yes — we research, smartass), Tony couldn’t work on photos. JoSelle couldn’t work on  articles.

I shucked my editors’ hat and donned my computer technician hat and went into plan-b mode: create a make-shift network. Cables in neatly-packed boxes in the (fabulous blue) closet were strewn across the floor from one office to the next to the next. An ancient router  was crank-started (after the half-hour ritual of finding the right ac adapter). Plug, crawl under desk, plug, hit head on desk, swear, dash and plug some more.


Toss cables into the trash, find more, plug, crawl under desk, plug, hit head on desk, swear, dash and plug some more.


Run down the street to Circuit City; argue with clerk that the sign said $69, not $99; smirk that we got something for $30 off from a sale that ended Nov. 4; install software; plug.

Voila, we can see each other’s computers.

Still no internet; wait, there it is; wait, it’s gone again.

So went all night. As my Outlook would suddenly come to life and ding-dong me that a new e-mail just came in, I’d jump onto our site and pull down stories we’d been working on all week at a frantic pace before it decided to go down again.

And now it’s 8:45 — the time that our press people come in to pull our files through their system and get us on press. And I’m … writing my column. Not an unusual thing.

I’m very proud of our staff for pulling off such a huge amount of things over the past few weeks. We cleaned and painted our new offices in Sugar House; we moved everything and then some up the 21-step flight of stairs; we put most everything away, except what’s still in boxes in my office; we held a customer appreciation party and actually contacted at least 3/4 of our customers to attend (sorry to the other 25 percent); we kept the phones live throughout; we launched our new news portal Web site; and we put out this issue.

And, hopefully, now we can enjoy our time here in Sugar House. The location is perfect for us. We have Sugar House Coffee right downstairs (as we told one of the coffee barista we were with QSaltLake he gleefully exclaimed, “this building is so gay!"). Our bank is right across the street. A post office is but a block away. And the restaurants. We can eat at a different restaurant every day for a month and still not catch them all. Now if we could just afford that. And afford the calories.

Yes, construction will be the bane of our existence for the next … well … lifetime, but the trade-offs are good.

So, things continue to grow. We’re bringing on two interns to help keep the news fresh on our site. There should be something new to look at several times a day on the site (and the national news feed updates every 10 minutes), so please visit it often.

Now off to finish up a map promised early last month and then the directory and then … a much needed vacation.

Oops. 8:57. Time to call the press.

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