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OK, I have to admit I surprised myself when I suddenly decided to feature this next stud as our hottie of the week.

Why? I mean, he’s certainly hot enough, and definitely worthy of the title. I just somehow thought he was a good decade younger than he is.
When typically we gaze upon the lovely mug of 41-year-old AJ Hammer (head Anchor on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight), he’s reporting on the ins and outs of Hollywood while dressed head to toe in a suit. He had gigs on VH-1 and Court TV came before this stop, but wouldn’t you know it — AJ got his start as a fitness model.
And who knew the package beneath that suit was so damn delicious looking?
AJ’s a different breed of hottie because we know he’s smart. With a double major in journalism and psychology, AJ has been working for AIDS charities for nearly two decades. A self-professed book worm, he’s on college campuses with public speaking engagements when he’s not working or volunteering.
Somehow, that makes these pictures that much hotter.
Alright, folks, we’ve heard of the paparazzi chasing celebrities, but it takes a ballsy celebrity to chase the paparazzi. And with three kids and the big 4-0 under her belt, apparently, Julia Roberts is feeling bold.
Apparently pissed that the paps tried to snap some shots of the kiddies, the Oscar-winning momma chased the photogs down the wrong side of the street before pulling her car over, getting up in their window and demanding that they turn off their camera. Conveniently, they got this part on tape.
I never quite saw Julia as a menacing creature — Even in Erin Brockovich, I found her more funny than in-your-face. But I suppose the thought of Julia speeding through L.A. like a bat out of hell to catch the bad guys does have a certain appeal. Especially when you consider that, in the end, the photog kind of cowered in fear, turned off the camera and moved his car along.
I have a new found respect for Miss Roberts.
Maybe her offer to move Britney Spears into the guest room and teach her a thing or two about parenting really is a good idea. After all, if Life & Style Magazine is to be believed, she’s gonna need it. The magazine is reporting that Brit is nearly two months preggers with producer J.R. Rotem’s baby.
Britney is vehemently denying the rumors via text messages from her pal Sam Lutfi. On her way home early from a video shoot, dodging paparazzi who were trying to kill her (or so the text from her BFF said) all the way, a text was sent to Ryan Seacrest claiming that Britney found the pregnancy rumors to be hilarious — and completely untrue.
But the magazine quotes Rotem as saying they are true. Who’s right? I’d like to think the one with the womb, but after the way Britney’s been acting this past year, it’s a 50/50 split. I just pray that if she is pregnant, someone has the common sense to monitor her caffeine intake, her pill-popping, her drinking, her driving … oh hell, just commit the bitch until she’s ready to pop.
Bad news for Brad Pitt fans this week. The actor says he doesn’t see any more nude scenes in his future — because he doesn’t want his kids to laugh if they stumble upon him on cable one of these days.
Kinda vain, but I guess I understand. I mean, if I had ever looked as good as he did in Thelma & Louise and Fight Club, I’d want people to remember me that way, too. And Troy was a damn nice hurrah at 40 years old. But sure. If things are starting to move south, keep it covered.
Though I will say this. I they aren’t moving south, and his body even looks half as good as it did in Fight Club, give it a year or two. Then do this huge erotic thriller a la Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct and show the world how good pushing 50 can look. A generation of women and gay men would be most appreciative.
Speaking of naked, that ho from High School Musical is all upset now because she doesn’t like the way people look at her. And how is that, Vanessa? Like a slut? A snuff film star? Some little Lolita who got camera happy a few too many years before she was ripe?
Vanessa Hudgens says she was ill-prepared for the amount of attention a young celebrity gets in this business and that she isn’t all together keen on the trappings of fame. In her words: “It is a dog-eat-dog world. People want to know about people’s business; no one really has a sense of privacy because everyone is trying to get into your business. And people become jaded and infatuated with Hollywood. I think it happens to a lot of celebrities and it messes with their head. I don’t like people staring at me all the time and I don’t want people following me around. I became an actress and started singing and dancing because I truly loved it. I did not want to be a celebrity; I did it because I genuinely enjoy doing it.”
Considering word on the street is that she sent those naughty photos to a co-star in the hopes of getting a leg up in the casting process, I’d wager the above quote is utter bullshit. Actually, if Vanessa really wants some attention, she’ll send her photos to R. Kelly. As if his reputation wasn’t bad enough, the word now is that R. Kelly’s publicist has given her notice because, after years of defending his honor, he slept with her daughter.
“Though I have a great appreciation for Mr. Kelly as an artist, there are some lines that should never be crossed professionally or personally,” his publicist, Regina Daniels, said in a statement. “Mr. Kelly crossed a line that forever altered the scope of our relationship. For this reason I made the decision to resign.”
Yikes. When a publicist makes a statement like that, they know exactly how the public is going to take it. But before you get your torches and pitchforks ready, Daniels’ daughter is 19 — a marked improvement from his last scandal.
In some good news — there has to be some this week — LOGO is taking a huge leap forward with its slate of original programming in recruiting trans actress and activist Calpernia Addams to a new dating show, Transamerican Love Story.
But unlike that God-awful travesty Fox Reality imported from Britain this season —There’s Something About Miriam — the eight suitors competing for Calpernia’s affections will know she’s trans. Good. Now this has the possibility to be empowering and enlightening, not just a coup for ratings with the dignity of the trans community at stake. By her side will be Calpernia’s best friend and business partner, Andrea James.
Produced by the crazy, kooky guys at World of Wonder Productions (whom we’ve loved since they first hooked up with Tammy Faye years ago), openly gay comedian and actor Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives) will host. Look for the show to premiere on LOGO in February.
And that, my friends, is another wonderful, wild week in the world of entertainment. Hold it together for next week, and remember. Always take the time to stop and smell the gossip.

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