Brighton to Ban Anti-Gay Music

Local authorities in the gay-resort city of Brighton, England, are set to ban music that bashes gays.

The ban would apply to live music and to recordings played in bars, clubs and other venues. Reports named rappers Eminem and 50 Cent and Jamaican dancehall singer Buju Banton as likely targets of the law.
An establishment that violates the ban would face losing its business license and being shut down. The ban also would extend to music that incites hatred based on religion or race.
Councilor Dee Simson, chairwoman of the local council’s licensing committee, told the BBC the ban “will be used in really extreme cases to stop the playing of what’s loosely termed ‘murder music.’”
“We have a large gay and lesbian community in Brighton and Hove, and we want to protect people from facing such hatred,” she said.

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