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Has Jodie Foster finally come out of the closet? It sure seems that way. Sherri Shephard has some harsh words for boys who like to wear dresses; Jonathan Rhys Meyers is really, really sorry for getting wasted; Nicole Kidman gets waxed, James Franco goes gay for Sean Penn and Gus Van Zant, and Amy Winehouse goes on a Courtney Love-style late night bender.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about this week's hottie. It’s Jonathan Rhys Meyers and James Franco. Hello! 

She’s been dropping what the media considers to be “hints” for months now: talking about Uma’s gorgeous, smooth, Aryan-like features and showing up to charity events like the Trevor Project. But the long thought-to-be lesbian actress appeared to take her biggest steps toward the closet doors this week when she publicly thanked her partner Cydney at a Hollywood awards banquet.

Though she didn’t specifically refer to Cydney as her partner, there’s no mistaking what Jodie Foster did have to say! “[I’d like to thank] my beautiful Cydney who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss.”

Yes, the same Cydney the press have been linking her to for damn near 20 years — the one with whom she has children and lives and shares her life. That Cydney. And considering she said it two days after giving her time and money to a suicide hotline that helps at-risk gay teens, something tells me Jodie is less concerned that she used to be about being “outed.”

Some in the industry will say this is all well and good, but it’s not the same as actually saying the words ‘I’m gay.’ I say it doesn’t matter. If Jodie wants to keep a part of her private life private, I think she’s earned that right. And as far as I’m concerned, as long as she keeps turning out to support gay causes, that’s more than enough.

Of course, over at The View, the continually dumbfounded Sherri Shepherd stuck her foot in her mouth once again when the subject turned to transgender children. While Whoopi and Joy and guest host Melina Kanakaredes argued that letting a kid play with the toys they want to play with and wear what they want to wear allows them to figure out who they are on their own, Sherri said that no boy of hers would ever wear a dress in her home.

When asked to clarify, all she would offer is that it was her home, and that once her boy turned 18, it was his business if he wanted to wear a dress. And she also said if her son turned out to be gay, she’d still love him and accept him with all her heart.

So why the problem with the transgender issue? Could it be Sherri simply doesn’t understand what’s going on?

Take a look at the YouTube video (youtube.com/watch?v=78ND3vqPz90) and tell us what you think.

Last week’s super hunky guest on The View (how hunky? Sherri damn near climbed down his pants) Jonathan Rhys Meyers got off easy for some drunk and disorderly behavior at a Dublin airport last month.

The smoldering hot star of Showtime’s The Tudors issued a simple apology to a sympathetic judge, with his lawyer explaining that Jonathan “unreservedly apologizes” to airport security guards, police and staff at the British airline BMI, and planned to make a donation to an unspecified charity as a way to acknowledge his wrongdoing.

Of course, it’s kind of hard to be too rough on Jonathan when he looks so damn good. It’s even tougher when you find out that while he was having his airport meltdown, his mom was in the hospital fighting for her life. She lost that battle two days later and died at just 50 years old.

I think I’d probably be piss drunk and causing a scene, too.

While Jonathan has an excuse, Amy Winehouse has none. Just as Britney pisses people off stateside by driving herself all over creation with nothing to shield her and her kiddies from the paparazzi, Amy Winehouse doesn’t even use a car for protection — she just goes wandering down the street on her own two. And with that beehive piled so high, it’s not like she can really hide.

This week, she went out for a brawl crawl, changing clothing within plain sight of cameras at one stop and pausing to powder her nose (with said powder crusting there for the rest of the night) at another.
When Winehouse finally stumbled home, she was loathe to find she’d forgotten her keys. But no worries. Given that she weighs about five pounds fully dressed, the singer let down her hair and shimmied under the front gate.

And her reward for this drunk and disorderly behavior? Six Grammy nods, announced Thursday.

Rumors of um … work that Nicole Kidman had done to her face haven’t been received too kindly by the actress.

Despite the fact that she seemingly can’t move her forehead and her lips are beginning to resemble a trout’s, the 40-year-old Oscar winner insists she’s had no work done. So, I’m going to take that to mean that we aren’t calling botox and facial resurfacing work anymore.

That said, Madame Tussads unveiled a wax statue of Nicole last week and it looks … surprisingly like Nicole. No, really. The statues have always been lifelike, but had the actress been at the unveiling, they might well have just wheeled her into the exhibit.

While her (new?) old face works for the ice queen role she takes on in The Golden Compass, I can safely say it did her no favors when she played the emotional savior of the human race in this summer’s flop The Invasion. If I were relying on Nicole Kidman to make me crack a smile, I fear we’d be doomed.

On the other had, someone I know could make me crack a smile just about any time of day is James Franco. And that’s because he’s just hot as hell.

Well we gays have a new reason to love James: he’s just been cast as Sean Penn’s lover in Milk, the story of the life and death of “mayor of Castro Street” Harvey Milk.

Openly gay director Gus Van Zant is on board to direct and the suddenly smoking hot again Josh Brolin has signed on to play the guy who guns down Harvey. Hmm. Dad marries Barbra Streisand, the cops are called when Josh allegedly hits wife Diane Lane and now he’s on track to score his first Oscar nod this year for No Country for Old Men.

I see how it works.

Meanwhile, our focus is squarely on Sean and James. If this film is done right, theirs could be a tender romance for the ages. And if Gus really wants to give us what we want, how about naked James, please? I don’t need any gratuitous sex. A shower scene will do quite nicely.

That’s all for this week, folks. Until next time, remember to stop and smell the gossip!

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