Dramatic HIV Increase Among Chinese Gays

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The percentage of Chinese gay men infected with HIV jumped from 0.4 percent to 3.3 percent between 2005 and 2007, according to a new report from the State Council AIDS Working Committee Office and the U.N. Theme Group on AIDS in China.

But the overall rate of HIV infection has slowed, said the report, "The Joint Assessment of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care in China (2007)."
While there were 70,000 new infections in 2005, only 50,000 are expected this year, the report stated. In all, around 700,000 of China's 1.32 billion residents are believed to have HIV.
Heterosexual sex is expected to account for 45 percent of new infections, intravenous drug use for 42 percent, and gay sex for 12 percent.
The report claimed that 70 percent of gay men have multiple sexual partners and that only 30 percent use condoms.

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