Bishops Banned from Bishops Gathering

A gay bishop and an anti-gay bishop have been banned from attending the Anglican Communion's global Lambeth Conference next July in Canterbury, England. The meeting occurs only once every 10 years.

Anglican Communion spiritual leader Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, has disinvited both New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, who is gay and partnered, and anti-gay U.S. Bishop Martyn Minns, who was consecrated a U.S. bishop by the anti-gay Church of Nigeria.

The U.S. Episcopal Church and the Church of Nigeria are the local arms of Anglicanism in those nations.

The Anglican Communion has been tumbling toward schism for two years because of strong disagreements over the place of gays in the church.

The U.S. Episcopal Church has caused particular problems because it allows blessings of same-sex partnerships and, in 2004, elected Robinson with full knowledge that he was gay and partnered.

Dozens of conservative parishes and one diocese have left the U.S. church in protest against its gay-friendly positions, aligning themselves instead with Anglican provinces in Africa or South America.

The defections have created numerous problems for the Episcopal Church, including expected legal battles over property ownership.

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