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On weekends when I don’t have to work in the morning — maybe it’s raining outside and I just didn’t feel like venturing out of the house — I like nothing better than to flip channels and just watch whatever craptastic movie happens to be on.

This past weekend, that movie happened to be Jeepers Creepers 2.

The guy who kept me tuned in? Al Santos.

Why Al? Well, it’s rare these days that a guy does dumb frat boy hot so well you feel magically transported back to high school — to a time when you actually sat through football games just to gush over the quarterback.

That’s Al, and while he has a fair share of gems on his resume since then (2 Dudes and a Dream is one, but on the flip side, he did have a role in American Gangster) dumb frat stud sans shirt will always be my favorite.

Bucking for the title “shortest marriage by two people not under the influence of a mind-altering substance when they said ‘I do’”, Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds called it quits after just two weeks of “marriage.” We put it in quotes because apparently when you exchange vows in Bora Bora and never make it kosher stateside, you can get out of it.

But why the change of heart?

Eddie finally saw Tracey without her pants on and realized she was all female? Johnny Gill begged and pleaded for them to end it so that the two of them could run off into the sunset together? Tracey realized that all the Benjamins she’d likely pocket from the marriage of convenience wasn’t worth the heartache and misery?

Who can say? Sources close to the couple say things were never all that well between them. The press also documented their volatile relationship (a very controlling Eddie yelling at Tracey in front of her friends; insisting she take his name despite her wishes to have the same surname as her sons).
And though the pair are doing damage control, insisting through reps that, “while the recent symbolic union in Bora Bora was representative of our deep love, friendship and respect that we have for one another on a spiritual level, we have decided to remain friends,” something tells me this was another of those “what the fuck were we thinking?” moments.

Here’s hoping Eddie can deduct the rumored hundred or so people he supposedly flew down for the ceremony from his taxes? Norbit 2, anyone?

In other “marriage on the rocks” news, the incarcerated husband of the recently ‘Boca Raton blonde’ Amy Winehouse apparently wants out of the marriage. Particularly interesting considering — and I say this very loosely — she’s likely the more stable one in the relationship (I mean, her house is slightly bigger than his 8.5 x 11 cell), Blake Fielder-Civil says he can no longer take the stresses of their high-profile relationship.

What stresses? The paparazzi can’t snap your photo in jail. Amy’s the one who has to deal with them taking her picture every time she stumbles home from a night on the town and has to shimmy under her front gate because she lost her key. She’s the one who has to explain away the caked white powder in her nose every time a new issue of The Sun comes out. She’s the one who’s waking up in strange bars and random homes like Margot Kidder gallivanting around the suburbs. That’s work —he’s got it easy.

Also, she didn’t sign a prenup. And she can’t use that old Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey “he was making more money than me at the time” excuse. Blake is a deadbeat, plain and simply. Amy may be a mess, but she’s a mess with cash.

Hope she’s got a 401K in that beehive!

Oh shit, never mind. I forgot she cut it off!

On the subject of users and abusers, word on the street is that Paula Abdul is gearing up for a comeback of sorts, orchestrated by none other than Randy Jackson. Apparently, Randy is getting a ton of acts together for a Super Bowl halftime show and using the opportunity to premiere a ditty he and Paula have been working on together.

Please tell me it’s dance set to the stylings of Kenny G. or some other instrumentalist.
No such luck — it seems Paula’s really planning to sing. Or lip sync at least. Apparently, the two have been cooking this up for weeks, and Paula is really trying to step up her game and put on one of the most memorable performances in halftime history.

Leave the percoset at home, OK Paula?

To end on a downer, a sobering reality.

As we’ve seen from Britney Spears in recent months, growing up in Hollywood, for some, can take its toll. As Jaime Lynn probably confirmed, if your parents aren’t looking out for your best interests from day one, you might not be armed with the knowledge needed to enter into adulthood playing with a full deck.

Which is why it comes as little surprise, but is never the less deeply upsetting, to report on the death of 25-year-old Brad Renfro. From the second he opened his mouth at 12 years old in the 1994 Susan SBully and Sleepers, he’d confirm that his was a talent to watch for.
Sarandon pic The Client, it was evident this kid had something special going on. Later, in Apt Pupil, Bully and Sleepers he’d confirm that his was a talent to watch for.

 But the pitfalls associated with fame caught up with Brad who was arrested on multiple occasions — once for boat theft, twice for drugs, once for drunk driving and, in 2005, as part of a heroin sting operation in downtown L.A. While the cops are claiming the cause of death is unknown, it goes without saying that we can make an educated guess.

Until next time remember, take time to stop and smell the gossip.

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