Judge Upholds Lesbian Students Expulsion

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. – A Riverside County judge ruled Jan. 11 that a Christian school was within its legal rights in kicking out two girls for allegedly being a lesbian couple.

Judge Gloria Trask dismissed the former students’ suit, saying that private schools are not covered by a California antidiscrimination laws.

Lawyers for the two students had argued that the school was not within its rights to expel the former students because California law forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation in business settings.

A lawyer for California Lutheran High School in the city of Wildomar said the court had decided wisely.
“You can't infringe upon the basic rights of a religious group and their right of association by forcing them to accept people who don't believe in their values,” attorney John McKay told the Press-Enterprise.
The school’s religious code of conduct states that students can be expelled for immoral behavior.

McKay added that he expects the girls and their parents, neither of whom were named in court documents, to file an appeal.

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