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A new group of women showed up to speak out against the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Utahns during the HB 89 committee hearing last week. Like their Eagle Forum neighbors to the south, this Bountiful-based group was formed to “motivate and encourage women of faith to unite and stand together in supporting and defending moral government!” (their emphasis).


It gets even more syrupy when you read their introductory paragraph on their blogsite:

“The United Women’s Forum is the outgrowth of a neighborhood of women in Bountiful Utah who became very concerned with the growth of pornography, gay-rights issues, the threat against religious freedom and expression, and liberalism of moral values in the media and in our country. We banned [sic] together in the fall of 2006 to try to do something to make a difference. We were officially organized under the banner of United Women’s forum in March of 2007. We are dedicated to staying informed and presenting ways we can help existing national organizations and legislators that promote family, faith and freedom.”

Was it just me or did you also read that in the oh-so-sweet Mormon woman bearing her testimony tone? Maybe it’s because I just got finished listening to Sister Dottie’s show on KRCL.

During the committee hearing, UWF’s Deborah Poulsen rambled on about how sexual orientation is a choice and should, therefore, not be covered under anti-discrimination laws. As I was listening to this, I wondered if she was going to move to have religion removed from the existing law … or is that not a choice. I haven’t read the scientific community’s take on that recently.

(UWF … Utah Wrestling Federation? Sorry — getting sidetracked.)

So, in an effort to “know thine enemy” I started digging around the ’net to find more about them. On their site is a bunch of pictures of the ladies carrying potluck dishes to their monthly meetings. The pictures show a scene of desperate housewives pining for something to do. I mean, they don’t clean their tidy mini-mansions – I’m sure they have “illegals” to take care of that. It appears they have no school-age kids any longer in the nest to take care of — they look too old for that even with the Botox. So, once a month they brush the Almond Roca wrappers from the couch and invite each other over to discuss the evils of the ERA, homosexuality and fluoridated water.

Yes, I make mock, but I doubt I’m too far off. Is there something similar to an after-school program that we can direct these women to so they will lay off their anti-Christ-like tirades? Whatever happened to book clubs and canasta? Maybe a Party Gals party or two a month. Or maybe they can do some real good and volunteer at a rest home or the sewage treatment plant.

I fear we have a bunch of women who will begin to do their hair and dress like Gayle Ruzicka and we’ll have a gaggle of them trundling around the capitol building every day of the year yelling “oh my heck, it’s for the children, ‘preciatcha” at any and all passers-by wearing suits.

And I fear that Poulsen and others like her will begin to sound less like snooty teenaged girls stumbling over their words testifying at church and more like well-heeled politicians with sharp tongues who rip-and-read from ultra-right-wing scripts.

I’ll let them finish with a random paragraph I pulled from their blogsite: “Debra Poulsen thanked all of the United Women for their efforts and testified that Jesus Christ is the author of liberty and the inalienable rights declared in the Constitution.”

Ugh. Q

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