Domestic Partner Registry Vote Tonight

The Salt Lake City Council will meet tonight, Feb. 5 at 7:00 p.m. in the City/County Building (200 East 400 South, room 315) to vote on Mayor Ralph Becker’s proposed Domestic Partner Registry.

Becker proposed the registry – one of his campaign promises to Utah’s gay and lesbian population – on his third day of office in January. The registry is voluntary and would serve as a catalogue of city residents who live with a same or opposite-sex partner in a marriage-like relationship.

To participate in the registry, individuals must be age 18 or older and provide proof that they live with their partner and have interdependent financial obligations. While participation in the registry does not confer any benefits, Becker has said that he hopes the registry will be used by local businesses interested in providing domestic partner benefits to workers. Participants will receive a notarized certificate of participation to take to their employers.

Becker has also said the registry does not interfere with a state ban on gay marriage. Utah voters approved adding the ban – called Amendment 3 – to the state’s constitution in 2004.

Earlier today, Councilman Eric Jergensen told The Salt Lake Tribune that he thinks the measure will pass – though perhaps not unanimously.

If approved, the list is expected to open to registrants later this month.

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