Adoption Bill in Danger

A bill that seeks to let gay and lesbian couples and non-gay, unmarried couples, adopt children has not yet been released from the House Rules Committee.

The committee, which assigns bills to House subcommittees for debate and vote, has been holding HB 318, Utah Adoption Amendments, since Jan. 30.

Equality Utah, the local gay rights group that drafted the bill, urges HB 318’s supporters to lobby members of the Rules Committee tomorrow, Feb. 12 at 10:00 a.m., to encourage them to assign the bill. Those interested in doing so should meet on the third floor and look for Manager of Programs and Administration Keri Jones or Public Policy Manager Will Carlson.

Supporters may also contact the following committee members to urge them to assign the bill to a committee: Chair of Conservative Caucus Rep. Urquhart, R-Saint George; Speaker of the House Rep. Greg Curtis, R-Sandy; and Rules Vice-Chair Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper.

Their contact information follows.

Rep. Stephen Urquhart 435-673-4424 [email protected]
Rep. Greg Curtis 801-943-3091 or 801-538-1930 [email protected]
Rep. Greg Hughes 801-572-5305 or 801-548-2922 [email protected]

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