Anti-Gay Protesters End Funeral Disruption

RENO, Nev.— A small group of protesters from a Kansas-based church interrupted funeral services on Saturday for a Reno woman killed by a serial rapist.

Reno police Sgt. Chris Lange said, “There were a couple of eggs thrown at them and that’s about it.” The demonstrators, known for protesting at the funerals fo U.S. soldiers had signs that read “Pray for

More Dead Kids” and “God Sent the Killer.”

More than 150 Counter-demonstrators were also present with signs reading “Let Friends Mourn in Peace” and chanted “Go Back to Kansas.”

The standoff came to a close when three anti-gay protesters associated with Westboro Baptist Church of Topkea, Kan. were removed from Reno-Sparks Convention Center by a police van.

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