Alan Anderson Selected as Heir Apparent

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Current reigning Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire Emperor Alan Anderson has been selected by Queen Mother of the Americas Empress Nicole the Great as her newest Heir Apparent.

In a statement, Nicole wrote, “selecting an Heir is no easy task. It must be someone who is willing to work for the International Court System, and who has shown true loyalty and dedication to their Kingdom, their Community and to the ICS. This gentleman fits all of these qualifications.”

As heir apparent, Anderson is now one of 27 members of the the organization’s national International Court Council. His first meeting will be in Denver later this month.

Anderson was first elected Emperor in 1983, serving with Empress Auntie De’. He has remained active, won the pageant title King of Hearts in 1989, has served with various titles under subsequent reigns, and was elected Regent-Emperor last May.

He was a high school and junior high school teacher and currently works in the insurance industry.

He will step down this May at RCGSE’s Coronation, held the weekend of Memorial Day.

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