Advertisers Fear ‘The Gay Pages’ has Disappeared

Advertisers in the Utah’s “The Gay Pages” are wondering if they, and their money, have been taken.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported Saturday in a story titled “Year-old phone book nowhere to be found,” that “The Gay Pages” “seems to have vanished only a year after the inaugural edition came out.”

The office listed on the Salt Lake City Gay Pages’ Web site does not exist, phone numbers for the book are greeted with a “mailbox full” recording, emails from advertisers are not being returned and the book, promised in January, has not reached distributors’ shelves.

The Tribune also reported that the last-known home address for Sean Wright, the book’s publisher, is empty and for sale.

“The book was supposed to come out in January,” Sandy attorney Sallie Rawlings told the Tribune. She had paid Wright $4,920 in April for advertising in the 2008 directory.

Advertisers recently received an unsigned photocopied letter stating the company had been broken into and computers, with all advertising data, were stolen in December. The letter said that the company is working with its insurer to replace the computers and software and would post a publication date on its Web site “as soon as possible.”

Advertisers contacted by QSaltLake have said that no effort has been made by anyone in the company to retrieve new artwork or contact them personally about the problems. All have said that no emails or phone calls have been returned since mid-January and that cell-phone numbers for Wright and others in the company have been shut off.

The company’s address listed on the letter turns out to be a post office box at a local UPS Store.

According to the Tribune, a Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office report shows that Wright’s duplex was burglarized, but the case was closed after Wright and his two female housemates failed to respond to messages left by a sheriff’s detective.

Wright refused to be interviewed for the Tribune’s story, but sent an email saying his company is not out of business and that books will be available to the public soon.

In the interest of full disclosure, QSaltLake publishes a competing phone directory, “The QSaltLake Pages.”

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