Canceled American Fork Anti-Gay Meeting Held at Library

Try, try again is the motto for anti-porn and anti-gay groups to hold a parents meeting in American Fork. After their meeting at American Fork High School, to be sponsored the the American Fork PTSA, was canceled last Thursday, the Standard of Liberty and Citizens for Families announced a new meeting at the American Fork Library.

American Fork High School Principal Carolyn Merrill canceled last Thursday's meeting after finding that the meeting would not only include a discussion of the "dangers of pornography," but the "dangers of homosexuality" as well, saying that she needed to research what content would be presented before allowing it at her school.

American Fork PTSA president Belinda Jensen said that the cancellation was the result of "a miscommunication."

"I know it was a controversial subject. I dont think we discussed it as much as we should have in our board meetings," Jensen continued.

After three references to "home evening," meeting host Stephen Graham, founder of Standard of Liberty, called the meeting to order on this Monday night promptly at 6:00 p.m.

In the audience on one side were family and friends of the presenters, NARTH President A Dean Byrd and Utah Eagle Forum President Gayle Ruzicka. On the other side were press and representatives of the Utah Pride Center. John Gunter, an anti-porn crusader with Citizens for Families, started the meeting out stating that pornographers were in similar meetings targeting their children and finding ways they could break up their families so they would have more families to prey upon.

Stephen Graham introduced himself as a CPA and his wife, Janice, as a writer. He immediately jumped into what he called the Homosexual Activist Agenda, saying that he became involved in his battle when, eight years ago, his son "confessed that he was involved in internet same-sex pornography and homosexuality." He said that it was "shattering" for him and his wife and the three of them immediately sought religious counseling and therapy through Dr. Jeff Robinson in Orem and now his son is completely straight and his "homosexual nightmare is ancient history."

His wife and son have written a book on their experience and their publishing company will release it soon.

Graham went on to present a 1993 video about the demands the organizers of the Gay and Lesbian March on Washington. The 15-year-old video showed men kissing men and women kissing women and speeches from the the stage to portect gay and lesbian children. Of course, these speeches were presented as "gays and lesbian are after our children." The video is a favorite of NARTH and the Traditional Values Coalition.

Graham said that while some gay couples are "couched in terms of loving relationships, but the vast majority are in truth of rampant sexuality and wrought with misery and disease."

"We put warnings on cigarette packages about the dangers of smoking, but we do nothing to protect youths seeking out-of-bounds sexual behaviors," Graham said.

"While the homosexualists claim that sexuality is genetic, it is my testimony that homosexuality is not inborn. There is no scientific evidence that genetics plays a part in sexuality," Graham continued. "It has been known throughout history that homosexuality is abnormal and dangerous." Graham went on to say that identical twin studies should show 100 percent correlation of sexuality between siblings, but since there is not, that in itself should debunk the "myth" that sexuality is genetic.

"Homosexualists are smart, clever and patient," he wrapped up. "They know that all they need to do is indoctrinate our children and wait for you and me to die. In one generation, they have won."

The organizers refused to take questions, so Utah Pride Center representatives were relegated to answering press questions after the meeting was over. They announced their own meeting at the same library on Wednesday, April 9 at 5:30 p.m.

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