Our Most Faaabulous Awards

The boxes have been ticked, the votes have been tallied, and our faaabulous readers have spoken. Here are your choices for Utah's most faaabulous everything.



Most Faaabulous Asian Restaurant
Cafe Trang
From its humble beginnings at what was once a post office box station, Cafe Trang has steadily grown because of its great food and wide selection. Now they have four locations, including the Crane Building and Park City.
2. Thai Siam
3. Sawadee

Most Faaabulous Greek/Mediterranean Restaurant
Cafe Med

The race wasn’t even close. A great atmosphere, faaabulous crowd and delicious food. A winning combo.
2. Mazza
3. The Other Place

Most Faaabulous Mexican Restaurant
Red Iguana

This restaurant has lines out the door almost from the moment they open until they close. Holy molé.
2. Rio Grande Cafe
3. La Puente

Most Faaabulous Italian Restaurant
Caffe Molise / Cannella’s

A tie between two very different downtown Italian restaurants. Molise is a romantic getaway that specializes in Northern Italian cuisine (ohmygod, go for the gnoche), and Cannella’s is a get-in-get-out authentic Italian lunch joint. Try both in a day when your Italian snob friends visit.

Most Faaabulous Vegetarian Restaurant
Sage’s Cafe

Ian at Sage’s is a busy guy and passionate about food, especially vegetarian food. His creative recipes are as beautiful as they are delicious. His newer restaurant, Vertical Diner came in second place.
2. Vertical Diner
3. Addicted/One World (tie)

Most Faaabulous Steak and Seafood
Market Street Grill

Whether it’s oysters, filet mignon or a damn fine clam chowder you’re after, Gastronomy, Inc.’s arguably best-known restaurant delivers the best in fine dining and the best surf’n’turf in Utah.
2. Spencer’s
3. Ruth Chris

Most Faaabulous After-Hours Dining
Dee’s Family Restaurant

Made famous by its pastel interiors and down-homey feel, Dees’ food is hearty, plentiful and affordable and perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner … or the meal that comes in the middle of the night.
2. Denny’s
3. Village Inn

Most Faaabulous Formal Dining
The New Yorker

Gastronomy, Inc. takes first again with its “best-of-everything” restaurant that specializes in continental cuisine and tasty – and tasteful! – American dishes.
2. Metropolitan
3. Bambara and Martine (tie)

Most Faaabulous Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurant
Blue Plate Diner

Be-bop-a-loo-bop! Comfort favorites like huevos rancheros and chicken fried steak and this diner’s ’50s look make this diner one of your favorite “hole in the walls.”
2. Cotton Bottom and Ogies Cafe (tie)

Most Faaabulous Romantic Atmosphere

Candle light. Patio dining. And tasty entrees that mix Old World taste with New World flare. Make your Valentine’s Day reservations now. So many of you like Fresco that it’s bound to be crowded!
2. Paris Bistro
3. La Caille

Food & Drink

Most Faaabulous Burgers
Crown Burger

Seven Utah locations AND a signature burger piled high with pastrami? Eat your heart out, Burger King. Utah’s fast food royalty is just cooler than you.
2. Acme Burger
3. Training Table

Most Faaabulous BBQ
Sugar House Barbecue

The restaurant formerly known as Redbones has offered Memphis Style Barbecue and Cajun fare since 1996, but this is the first time this local eatery has appeared in our pages – probably because our readers were too busy picking those tasty ribs. We forgive you.
2. Famous Dave’s
3. Good Wood

Most Faaabulous Sandwiches

Toasters is a European-style deli in downtown Salt Lake City that specializes in scrumptious sandwiches. Some of these, like their bagel breakfasts, are also, coincidently, toasted.
2. Gandolfos
3. Paradise and Robin’s Nest (tie)

Most Faaabulous Appetizers
Red Rock Brewing Company

Red Rock is best known for its brewery. But when we read about their appetizers, like Cajun fried tiger shrimp, beer cracker and – no foolin’ – fried green tomatoes, we agree with you that their fare is just as good as their beer.
2. Bayou
3. Fiddler’s Elbow

Most Faaabulous Pizza
The Pie Pizzeria

Any U of U student could’ve told you that the Pie’s fresh toppings (including Geona Salami and bay shrimp) and generous portions make it the state’s most faaabulous pizzeria.
2. Settebello
3. Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta and Stoneground (tie)

Most Faaabulous Salads
Red Rock Brewing Company

Apparently, their Chinese beef, warm goat cheese and New York steak salads rocked so much you didn’t even try to vote for anyone else. Most impressive.

Most Faaabulous Soup
Big City Soup

Vegan-friendly, hearty and creative, we were heartbroken when Big City Soup had to leave Main Street, but are thrilled that they’re still stewing over at the Gateway Center.
2. Soup Kitchen
3. Paradise Bakery

Most Faaabulous Sushi

Located on popular Market St., Takashi holds its own against the competition with its faaabulous and ever-changing sushi menu. Whether you’re a connossieur of tamago, unagi or more exotic rolls, you’ll find something to tickle your palate.
2. Tsunami and Happy Sumo (tie)
3. Ichiban

Most Faaabulous Desserts
Market Street Grill

True story
Their crème brulee is so faaabulous,
it makes you cry.
2. Oasis/Dodo (tie)

Most Faaabulous Sunday Brunch
Market Street Grill

Yep, again!
2. Eggs in the City
3. Trio

Most Faaabulous Drink Prices
Club Try-Angles

Gene at Try-Angles always treats you right, whether it’s giving his regulars funny nick names, feeding them his yummy corned beef on St. Patrick’s Day or giving back to the community by sponsoring charitable causes. Oh yeah. And his $1 drafts every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday make your wallet and your belly happy, too.
2. Burt’s Tiki Lounge and Bongo (tie)

Most Faaabulous Wine Selection

This upscale restaurant on West Broadway specializes in an encyclopedic list of classy vintages, some (like the Château Palmer) dating back to 1970. Oui!
2. Spencer’s and Lugano (tie)

Most Faaabulous Beer Selection

Awesome Cajun food and over 200 microbrews bottled or on tap? Yeah, Bayou is to beer what Metropolitan is to wine.
2. Squatters
3. The Woodshed

Most Faaabulous Martinis
The Red Door

This nifty little bar near Hotel Monaco has it all hot Cuban décor, smoking Jazz music and the best martinis in the city. Also, a really big picture of Che Guevara.
2. Mynt Lounge and Oyster Bar (tie)

Most Faaabulous Coffee
Coffee Garden

Friendly staff, yummy pastries and did we mention the coffee and tea? Whether you’re looking for an exotic cappuccino or a plain black coffee to kick you awake for work, the Coffee Garden is the place to go.
2. Salt Lake Roasting Company
3. Beans & Brews and Coffee Break (tie)


Most Faaabulous Bargain Clothing
Pib’s Exchange

This Sugar House thrift shop with its funky, trendy outfits and excellent deals puts the “t” in trendy and the “f” in faaabulous for our readers who favor a young, hip urban look.
2. Deseret Industries
3. Decades

Most Faaabulous High-End CLothing Store

Ah, yes. The place you chose for the best men’s sexy jeans, undies and swimwear also has the cheekiest name in town. We dare you to say it three times fast.
2. Bastille
3. Nordstrom

Most Faaabulous Shoes that Would Make Kelly Envious
Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack

Ohmygod. Shoes! Unlike some of the ill-fated footwear in every gay man’s favorite viral video, you voted that the shoes at this national department store universally rule.
2. Aldo
3. Cockers

Most Faaabulous Boutique for Drag Queens
Decades/Blue Boutique (tie)

Vintage clothing shop Decades tied with one of the city’s most (in)famous lingerie boutiques. We dare the Cyber Sluts to use items from both at their next show.
2. Deseret Industries
3. Lane Bryant

Most Faaabulous Bookstore
Sam Weller’s

Our readers agree. You can’t go wrong with a historic independent book store, especially one that boasts miles and miles of reading material.
2. King’s English
3. Barnes & Noble

Most Faaabulous Music Store for the iTunes-phobic
Graywhale CD

Graywhale made selling used CDs popular (and cost-effective) in Utah long before chains like F.Y.E. did. Given their excellent selection and friendly, knowledgeable staff, we hope they’ll outlast the chains, too.
2. Slowtrain

Most Faaabulous Place to Rent/Buy Videos
Tower Theatre

Yep, the Tower not only shows great independent (and gay) movies, it also rents and sells them. As if you needed another excuse to visit 9th and 9th.
2. Graywhale

Most Faaabulous Furniture Store

Apparently, all the jokes about this famous European furniture store and gay people have some truth to them. Looking at their faaabulous chairs, sofas and comfy foam mattresses, who can blame us?
2. Z Gallery
3. RC Willey

Most Faaabulous Antiques
Anthony’s Antiques and Fine Arts

‘Antique’ is often synonymous with ‘junk,’ but not at Anthony’s. This store’s stunning furniture, lighting fixtures and even art make this the classiest antique shop in the valley.
2. Abode/Decades (tie)

Most Faaabulous Wheels
Mark Miller Toyota

Miller’s auto dealership not only offers fabulous prices, but according to its Web site it will become fully eco friendly in June. That’s pretty faaabulous.
2. Ken Garff

Most Fabulous Flower Shop

Gay-owned florist Twigs has won a Fabbie every year for its friendly customer service, speedy deliveries and faaabulous selection. Q loves you, Raymond!
2. Every Blooming Thing
3. Flower Patch/Celestial Floral (tie)

Most Faaabulous Roses

Well, duh!
2. Costco
3. Every Blooming Thing

Most Faaabulous Gift Store

You know those saucy novelty stores where you can get dirty birthday cards, edible underwear and shirts that say things like “Dip Me in Honey and Feed Me to the Lesbians?” Well, Cahoots is like that, only gayer.
2. Mischievous
3. Cabin Fever

Most Faaabulous Stationery Store
Tabula Rasa

In these days of emails and text messages, nothing is as faaabulous as a handwritten letter. And Tabula Rasa has enough high-quality paper, sealing wax and fountain pens to make your faaabulous letter even more faaabulous.
2. Cahoots
3. Cabin Fever

Most Faaabulous Adult Store

Looking for some sensual massage oil, adult toys or fetish wear? Then you’re probably feeling a little bit mischievous. This well-stocked (tee hee) downtown shop in can help.
2. Cahoots
3. Blue Boutique


Most Faaabulous Gym
24-Hour Fitness

A health club that never closes. What better way to get that six pack or flat stomach to show off for the guy or gal of your dreams this summer? Even better this corporate fitness chain has locations all around the state.
2. Gold’s Gym
3. Planet Fitness

Most Faaabulous Ski Resort

When the weather outside is frightful our skiing readers find these slopes delightful. Just be sure to check out their faaabulous mountain (and equally faaabulous classes) before the snow melts.
2. Deer Valley
3. Snowbird/Brighton tie

Most Faaabulous Hair Salon
Landis Salon

Eco-friendly, Aveda-enabled and they handle everything from hair to facials to make up? Sign us up for a faaabulous package, please!
2. AeroLab / High Maintenance tie
3. Butterfly Jack

Most Faaabulous Place For a Maincure/Pedicure

And what’s a good pampering without a manicure or a pedicure – especially one that’s reasonably priced and done by a friendly technician? With manicures starting at $15 there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get nailed next time you’re in Salt Lake City.
2. Landis Salon
3. Skinworks

Most Faaabulous Place to Get Waxed

Skinworks is a school for estheticians with a salon staffed by its students. According to you, they all deserve “A”s when it comes to waxing your backs, arms, legs and everywhere elses.
2. Landis Salon
3. Zazou

Most Faaabulous Tattoo Parlor
Big Deluxe

This faaabulous ten-year-old studio offers custom tattoo design and permanent make up as well as online portfolios to help you pick the artist who is right for you. Sadly, our attempts to convince Michael to get the Q logo inked on his forehead have proven unsuccessful … so far.
2. Good Times
3. Lost Art

Most Faaabulous Place to get Pierced
Iris Piercing

No, not your left nipple, your right eyebrow, or even both nostrils. Though the friendly, experienced staff at this favorite Sugar House studio will be glad to do all of the above for you (just not all at once, because that would probably be complicated).
2. Koi Piercing
3. Big Deluxe

Most Faaabulous Therapists
Pride Counseling

If you’re gay and need therapy, it’s always faaabulous to talk to a counselor who can understand your sexual orientation because they’re also gay. It’s also faaabulous to support therapists who give back to the community with support groups – including one to help men who get arrested for having public sex with other men.
2. Aspen Grove Counseling
3. The Trapp

Most Faaabulous Real Estate Agent
Mark Barr

Rainbow Mountain realtor Mark Barr is everything a faaabulous realtor should be outgoing, professional, friendly and, above all, in love with his city (and we also hear he plays a mean game of tackle football).
2. Babs De Lay
3. Julie Silveous

Most Faaabulous Dentist
Sugar House Dental Spa

Q readers have spoken. Dentist Kirkland Graham drills you and fills you and leaves you smiling.
2. Dr. Greg Perkins
3. Williamson Dental

Most Faaabulous Doctor
Christopher Gamble / Rose Shorter
This year, Q favorite doc Christopher Gamble had some competition
Salt Lake City internist Rose Shorter. The fact that you’re nominating so many gay-friendly doctors is pretty faaabulous to us.
2. Dr. Sarah Ormsby

Most Faaabulous Physician’s Assistant
Dana Smith

Because where would a faaabulous doc be without these faaabulous folks? And for our readers, this U of U Hospital employee is as faaabulous as they come.

Most Faaabulous Massage
Kura Door and Christian Allred
This year, the faaabulous therapists at this holistic Japanese spa square off against last year’s winner and enemy of sore muscles everywhere, Christian Allred. Think they might decide the title with a massage contest if we asked nicely?
2. Vonya Olachnovitch
3. Kevin Guzik

Most Faaabulous Dog Groomer
Dog Show

You might remember this gay-owned groomer from last year, when they gave Michael’s pooch Xena a fluffy new ’do. Xena sure does, and she says the experience was faaabulous (well, except for the part with the scary blow drier).
2. Camp Bark-a-Lot
3. Yuppie Puppie

Most Faaabulous Attorney
Laura Milliken Gray

Whether they need help with co-guardianship agreements, wills or other domestic partner documents, Q readers turn to this faaabulous gay-friendly attorney for all their needs.
2. Doug Fadel
3. Lauren Barros

Most Faaabulous Hotel
Hotel Monaco

This downtown boutique hotel is faaabulous in so many ways, from its annual Red Party to benefit the Utah AIDS Foundation to its Pink Party just before Utah Pride Day. Its charitable leanings and its trendy décor make it the best hotel for our readers.
2. The Hilton
3. Grand America

Most Faaabulous B & B
Anniversary Inn

Yep, we checked. They welcome same-sex couples. How faaabulous is that?
2. Under the Lindens
3. Armstrong Mansion


Most Faaabulous Radio Station

No surprise, here. Any radio station with Q columnist and rabble-rouser Troy Williams as host has got to be a favorite with our readers.
2. X96FM

Most Faaabulous TV News

Their anchors are hard working, yet personable enough to joke around between segments. But we also think a lot of you just want to Get Gephardt in bed.
2. Fox 13
3. KSL


Most Faaabulous Theatre Company

Plan-B has been wowing theatre-goers for decades with its edgy, innovative and all-around provocative work, from last year’s award-winning Facing East to the annual celebration of censored literature, And the Banned Played On. We’re glad you love them as much as we do.
2. Salt Lake Acting Company
3. Pioneer Theatre

Most Faaabulous Local Band
The Purr Bats

These guys revel in bizarro conspiracy theories, kitschy collages and songs about how weird Salt Lake City is. Also, they list Pokemon, Ouija Boards and “Electricity without which we’d be sunk” as influences, which alone makes them awesome.
2. The Spazmatics

Most Faaabulous Musical Group
Salt Lake Men’s Choir

“Utah’s Other Choir” has done Broadway, Hollywood and The Ladies’ Literary Club in the last few months. They must have pretty big … voices. And big hearts — admission to their last holiday concert was free with a donation to the Utah Food Bank.
2. Utah Symphony

Most Faaabulous Art Gallery
A Gallery

This Salt Lake City gallery has 10,000 square feet … for paintings, sculpture, textiles and other eclectic works by innovative artists. There’s no cooler place to be when Gallery Stroll comes around.
2. Utah Museum of Fine Arts
3. Salt Lake Art Center

Most Faaabulous Movie Theater
Broadway Centre Theatre

Yeah, movies where things explode are nice, but Q readers know that the Broadway Centre Theatre is the place to go for thoughtful comedies and dramas – many of them by independent studios – that you won’t find anywhere else (note
films here may also contain things that explode).
2. Tower Theatre
3. Brewvies

Most Faaabulous Play
Facing East/Gutenberg! The Musical
When a sober drama about parents coming to terms with a gay son’s suicide and a rollicking two man musical about, um, the inventor of the printing press vie for first place, you know one thing
Plan-B was behind them both and will probably run out of wall space for their awards soon.
2. Exposed

Most Faaabulous Concert of the Year
The True Colors Tour

This just in — Faaabulous and gay-positive mega concert featuring icons like Cyndi Lauper, the Dresden Dolls and all-queer quartet The Clicks is a hit with our readers. Whoda thought, right?
2. Rufus Wainwright
3. Indigo Girls


Most Faaabulous Social Group
Queer Village
(Utah AIDS Foundation)
UAF’s outreach to gay and bisexual men encourages them to discuss their health issues and encourages a sense of community among participants. And any organization that screens Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? for Gay Movie Night is pretty faaabulous.
2. sWerve
3. Spicy Dinner/Utah Male Naturists (tie)

Most Faaabulous Religious Organization
Unitarian Universalist Society

With their queer-friendly attitude (the South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society has a transgender minister) and openness when it comes to sensitive religious topics, Utah’s Unitarian churches win with our readers.
2. First Baptist
3. Utah’s Episcopal Church

Most Faaabulous Sports Organization

With programs open to beginning and advanced swimmers alike, the Queer Utah Aquatic Club does a faaabulous job of being what every queer sports organization should be fun, dedicated and inclusive.
2. Mountain West Flag Football League
3. Salt Lake City Gay Athletic Association

Most Faaabulous Worthy Cause
Equality Utah

Really, what’s a more faaabulous cause than helping Equality Utah fight for your rights on Capitol Hill?
2. Utah AIDS Foundation
3. Utah Pride Center


Most Faaabulous Queer Leader
Mike Thompson

In one of our only landslide votes, you all chose Equality Utah Executive Director Mike Thompson for this award. Given the long hours he and his staff have put in fighting for gay rights (and opposing the legislature’s more boneheaded bills) we think it couldn’t go to a better person.
2. Paul Reynolds (Queer Utah Aquatic Club)
3. Valerie Larabee (Utah Pride Center Executive Director) and Nikki Boyer (Utah Stonewall Democrats Chair) (tie)

Most Faaabulous Politician
Scott McCoy

City Weekly and Q readers both agree. Whether fighting for more inclusive wrongful death benefits or chastising Sen. Chris Buttars, McCoy is one of our most faaabulous legislators (and, rumor has it, a pretty faaabulous basketball player).
2. Rep. Christine Johnson
3. Rep. Jackie Biskupski

Most Faaabulous Straight Ally
Ralph Becker

Salt Lake City is in good hands after former Mayor Rocky Anderson’s departure. After all, who but a faaabulous mayor like Becker would not only propose to make a domestic partnership registry but go to Capitol Hill to defend it?
2. Jan Lovett
3. Boyer Jarvis

Most Faaabulous Actor
Alexis Baigue

Alexis Baigue is something of a local celebrity. And he should be. Whether performing in Utah organ donor commercials, narrating KUED documentaries or acting on the stage (his natural home), his talent is inspiring, masterful and all-around faaabulous. Next year, we may have to name the award afer him.
2. Kirk Bateman
3. Jay Perry

Most Faaabulous Bartender
Stan – Club Try Angles

Or sometimes known as Phoebe, Blanche, Dumpy, Grumpy, Humpy or Nipples, this is the man to spill your heart to over a beer. He listens to you like you’re the only one in the room and his company is always like a breath of fresh air.
2nd Place: Ducky – Gossip
3rd Place: Wee & Mogeley – Paper Moon

Most Faaabulous Performer
Nova Starr

The divine and sharp-tongued Miss Nova rules again! But who could help loving this faaabulous drag queen and her tasty chocolate Nova Bars?
2. Raven Debonaire
3. David Archuleta

Night Life

Most Faaabulous Gay Bar
Club Try-Angles
Now in its fifth year, Club Try-Angles continues to be the hot spot for the working stiff weekday crowd and the young clubbing weekend crowd. From the monthly Bear Jam to the popular Underwear Nights to beer-soaked Mondays, Wilma and the clan keep us bellying up to the bar at a decent price.
2nd Place: Trapp Door and Gossip
3rd Place: The Trapp

Most Faaabulous Lesbian Bar
Paper Moon

Toni Fitzgerald is a fabulous lesbian (excuse the oxymoron, but she is!) bar owner. She’s always out to raise money for great causes and she knows how to draw the crowds. In fact, you can find many of her patrons dancing her own choreography almost any night of the week — except Mondays.
2nd Place: MoDiggity’s

Most Faaabulous Mixed Bar
Tavernacle Social Club

This is where you can find Mama, karaoke crooners, dueling pianos and a wide selection of booze. Located in prime space in downtown Salt Lake, this gay-friendly establishment is non-smoking and has the perfect space for large parties.
2nd Place: The Hotel
3rd Place: The Mynt Lounge

Most Faaabulous Karaoke
Tavernacle Social Club

Another win for this hip, friendly watering hole. The acoustics are perfect for the talented David Archuletas and David Cooks of karaoke, as well as the no-so-talented Sanjayas and Mariah Careys (she was a toss-off from Season 3, wasn’t she?)
2nd Place: The Trapp and paper Moon
3rd Place: The Woodshed

Most Faaabulous Place to Watch a Game

A grandscale “women’s sports bar,” this is the place to watch just about any sporting event on a number of large screens. Also, Mo and Dig bring in some real musical talent from time to time, and the space is accomodating.
2nd Place: Fiddler’s Elbow
3rd Place: Iggy’s

Most Faaabulous Dance Club
Trapp Door

With a new interior and exterior look, this top-notch hip-hop/rave/techno/pop/pachanga spin table dance club is the place to work your dance moves, as well as your pick-up moves. Hot guys, hot ladies, hot drag queens — whatever your taste, you can find it on the dance floor at Trapp Door.
2nd Place: Gossip
3rd Place: Paper Moon

Most Faaabulous Club to Watch a Live Show
In the Venue

An 18 and over sub-venue of Club Sound has garnered this year’s fabby award. There’s always a unique lineup of local musicians for the music connoisseur, as well as up-and-coming superstars such as Colbie Caillat and Kate Voegel.
2nd Place: The Depot
3rd Place: Paper Moon

The Rest of the FABBYs

Most Faaabulous Lube
Gun Oil

Oh my God. Just give it the most faaabulous everything award and call it a day.
2. Wet Platinum/KY Jelly (tie)
(By far our funniest category, your choices like Colt, Boy Butter and Stroke 29 had us sniggering like fourth graders. And the wise guys or gals who sent in “Crisco” and “spit” need an award for “most faaabulous at making Michael snort coffee all over his monitor.”)

Most Faaabulous Pick-Up Line
Nice Legs. What time do they open?

The only question is what do you do if they say, “They’re closed for repairs?”
2. You Look Faaabulous (Our personal favorite for blindingly obvious reasons.)
3. Lets play with some balls at Dottie’s mini putt-putt golf course. (Sister Dottie is scandalized, I tell you!)

Most Faaaabulous Q Columnist
Ruth Hackford‑Peer

Ruth’s funny, thoughtful and provocative observations about family life, child-raising and the struggle for gay equality in Utah are the stuff of truly faaabulous writing. Congratulations, Ruth!
2. Michael Aaron
3. Ruby Ridge

Most Faaabulous Story

Portraying Sen. Chris Buttars as a brontosaurus on our cover? Well, we try our best to tell the truth.
2. A Different Kind of Boy
3. Unfit Parents

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