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"Homosexualists are smart, clever and patient. They know that all they need to do is indoctrinate our children and wait for you and me to die. In one generation, they have won."

Stephen Graham, founder of conservative group Standard of Liberty, explaining how gays infiltrate public schools at an American Fork Library meeting March 31.

"No matter what we call it, the mutual commitment registry will create a way for Salt Lake City to recognize relationships of mutual support, caring and commitment.”

– Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, explaining the city’s domestic partnership registry’s name change to “mutual commitment registry.” A legislative bill this session mandated the switch.

"We believe that is always important to have the opportunity to be given better understanding of your points of view so that the church can appropriately understand your organization and how best to be helpful.”

Fred M. Riley, commissioner of Family Services for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in a letter to gay LDS group Affirmation. Riley will meet with Affirmation in August to discuss the church’s past treatment of gays – which included electroshock therapy.

“My heart is weary. I’m so sad. I grieve for the dead and those they leave behind, and I fear for future generations.”

– University of Utah student Jeremy Yamashiro to assembled students at the school’s observance of the Day of Silence on April 4. The U observed the event, aimed at drawing attention to anti-gay and transgender discrimination and violence, early because classes will not be in session on April 25, when the day will be held this year.

“Awesome! I’m a pornographer! Well, in Utah, anyway.”

–  Dykes to Watch Out For creator Alison Bechdel, upon learning that her autobiographical graphic novel Fun Home was challenged by a U of U anti-pornography group for its depictions of what the group terms “graphic” oral sex between women.

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