Southern Utah Pride Announces Fundraisers

Although Southern Utah Pride at Zion, the annual celebration of gay pride south of Salt Lake City, won’t be held until September, pride director Janine Isom said she and her committee are busy making plans and preparations. 

Springdale is locked in for Sept. 26-27 at the park, and the OC Tanner Center is booked,” she said.

Plans for fundraising events are also well under way. According to Isom, the pride committee will hold a drag show hosted by Salt Lake City drag performer Nova Starr in May. The committee also plans to hold a fundraiser Rocky Horror Picture Show screening on August 16.

“We’re working with the Salt Lake Film Society for that,” Isom said. “They have a movie theatre they’ve recently acquired, and one of our volunteers got in contact with them and set up a meeting.”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show fundraiser will feature audience participation (a popular thing at public showings of the film) and a “shadow cast” – live, costumed performers who act out the film as it plays.

Although Isom said they’re still considering performers for the “shadow cast” they plan on selling kits that include all the “goodies” necessary to enjoy the show, such as rice to throw when main characters, the hapless Brad and Janet, get married.

To encourage camaraderie among the festival’s volunteers (and to get more people interested in signing up to volunteer), Isom said there would also be a volunteer pre-pride camping party in June.

“When I first worked with the pride festival two years ago, it was the closeness that of the volunteers that impressed me,” she said. “We’re holding this event for them to get together and know each other so they can feel comfortable working together.”

Finally, Isom said the festival is looking into having a beer garden sponsored by Springdale’s own microbrewery, Zion Brewing.

“That’ll be locked in by April 9,” she said.

Southern Utah Pride at Zion will be held in the resort town of Springdale Sept. 26-27.

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