JoSelle’s Cat Talks with Roxanne Hunt

To get an idea of how Roxanne Hunt works, I asked her to do a little session with my cat, Oscar. Oscar was taking his mid-morning nap on my bed when I brought the phone over. Although he seemed to be a little annoyed at being interrupted, he seemed willing to talk. He told her the following:

His favorite toy in the whole wide world is a mouse that rattles, and he particularly enjoys grabbing it in his mouth and throwing it. Personally, I’ve tripped over that damn thing too many times to doubt this.

Speaking of mice, it has been “a long time” since he’s last caught a mouse. As he’s been an indoor cat for almost three years now, I suppose it has been.

His favorite place to lie is somewhere very sunny. I thought this was probably his favorite perch on a book shelf near a window.

Not too long ago, he suffered some trauma to his mouth. This is the part that particularly amazed me. I hadn’t told Hunt that he’d had two rotted teeth pulled last year, or that he’d been in a lot of pain (not to mention very unhappy with me!) after.  

For the record, she told me a few things I couldn’t confirm. Mainly that Oscar had lived with another animal before wandering into my life as a stray three years ago, and that he’d had a nasty leg injury at one point. Although he’s had plenty of mouth problems, I’ve never seen him limp, so I told her I couldn’t explain this.

Finally, the most gratifying thing: Out of all the people in Oscar’s life, I’m his favorite. Well, I’d better be!

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