Talking to the Animals: Local Pet Psychic Tells All

As an intuitive life coach, Roxanne Hunt often spends her days helping clients clarify and achieve their goals. But some times, she says she uses her same gift for intuition to diagnose injuries in horses, to determine whether it’s time to euthanize a pet, or just to help pet owners understand what goes on in Fluffy or Fido’s head. 

That’s right. Hunt is an honest to goodness pet psychic. She also has a cat named Princess Gila who reads tarot cards.   

“Cats are highly intuitive,” she explains. “They have the ability to work with human energy to heal us.”

When asked how she got into this unusual line of work, Hunt laughs. “Isn’t that a good question? Nobody I know starts off wanting to do this. It kind of finds you.”

Her job ‘found’ her a few years ago in Hollywood, where Hunt, who is also an actor, and a friend had traveled to talk to a producer about a project they wanted to do. On the way, her friend introduced her to a stable owner who asked Hunt if she could talk to horses.

Until that point Hunt had only used her intuition to talk to human clients. But she told the stable owner she was willing to try. As she walked through the stalls, she tried to talk to the horses by sending them pictures and words.

“I said, “I can hear you. Tell me what you want to say,” she said.

One horse said he was terrified of rattle snakes. Another showed her images of lakes in the Midwest. Not knowing what, if anything, this meant, Hunt told the stable owner.

“She said, “I’m really freaked out. How do you know this?’” Hunt recalls. It turned out that the first horse’s owners had brought him to the stable after the rattle snakes at their stable scared him so much they could no longer ride him. The second horse was going to return to the Midwest with his owners on the following day.

“I would be the first to say this is outside the box and pretty bizarre but when you have outside people validating it, it sort of takes on a life of its own,” says Hunt.

After that, she decided to offer her intuitive services to stable owners. It wasn’t long, she says, before people asked her to speak to their pets. Although Hunt notes she’s particularly drawn to horses (“they’re very clear and easy for me to connect with”), she has talked to dogs, cats, goats and even spinner dolphins while on a swim.

“Animals are so delightful because there’s no drama,” she says, “They’re very clear and to the point. They’re just delightful.”

Knowing how “bizarre” the idea of an animal psychic can be for many people, Hunt says she encourages her clients to be skeptical, and to realize that she would never say she’s “100 percent accurate.”

“I don’t know how you would be,” she admits. “But you do the best with what you’re given. It becomes your job to relay the information as clearly and authentically as you can without putting any of your own information into it.”

When her clients ask her to tell their animals how much they love them, Hunt reassures them that their pets already know.

“Whether you know it or not, your animals are always picking up on what you’re saying,” she explains. “I promise you they’re hearing what you’re saying.”

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