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Please Rescue Us!

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For the last 15 years Wasatch Animal Rescue has been saving abandoned and abused animals. For eight of these, the rescue has been operating out of Yuppie Puppie, a hip pet shop/shelter in the equally hip 9th and 9th  neighborhood.

The organization is the brain child of Heather, who said that she routinely saves dogs from puppy mills, breeding facilities that pump out large numbers of purebred dogs – often in squalid and cruel conditions. Because of her work with these facilities, Heather said she wasn’t able to tell QSaltLake her last name. Aside from Heather, Yuppie Puppie employs five regular workers, two groomers and an obedience teacher, and a large number of volunteers.

Although Heather estimates that she and her staff find homes for 60-70 animals each month (including rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets), the rescue has a lot of beautiful animals now who need to find loving families. QSaltLake profiles a few of them in this issue.


Hi, I’m Shelby. I’ve been at Wasatch Animal Rescue for about a year now because black kitties like me just don’t get adopted as much. I think that’s stupid! I like it when nice people pet me – and if you stop, I’ll tap you with my paw until you pet me again. I also like licking nice reporters’ hands when they scratch me under the chin. I hope you will take me home for lots of pets and cuddles.

Prrr… I’m Jean, and I like my big, comfy basket. That’s because I’m also a big, comfy kitty. Nope, I’m not pregnant – I had my babies two years ago. I just like eating and snoozing a lot. Can I take a nap on your lap? I’m really friendly and I get along well with all my kitty friends here at the animal rescue. I’ll like any pets or people in your house, too!

I’m Ollie. Cough cough. Sorry, I’ve got a respiratory infection right now. It’s because I’m FIV positive, so I can get sick sometimes. But if you take me home to a low-stress house I can live a long, full life. I can only live by myself or with other kitties that have feline HIV because it’s pretty easily passed to kitties that don’t have it. I’ve got some special needs, but that just means I need an extra special home!

Heyyy… I’m Willie. I came to Wasatch Animal Rescue awhile ago with my brother, who just found a home. My last owner gave me up because she said I’m not affectionate. But that’s not true! I love visiting everyone who comes into the rescue and I really love it when they give me pets. I get along great with all the other kitties here, so I’ll be OK if you have other kitties already. I like meeting new friends!

I’m Momma. They call me Momma because I had babies last year. They’ve all found homes, so I hope it’s my turn now. I love rubbing up against people’s legs and I love it when you pick me up and cuddle me. I’ve also got six claws on my front paws. That means I’m really special! I’m OK being an only kitty or living with your other kitties … as long as you pet me lots. Please come down to the rescue and pet me?

Ooooh I’m ready for my close-up, Laurie! I’m Tabitha, and I’ve been here three whole years. I know, can you believe it? Look how pretty I am! I’m a big, friendly girl but I can get cranky if you don’t stop petting me when I nip at you. Just make sure you give me star treatment and I’ll love you forever… even if you have other kitties. Mewww! Amateurs!


I’m Mocha, and hey. I may be a little dog, but I got a big attitude. Like Joe Pesci, kinda. Or the drink I’m named after. You got kids or other dogs? Fuggidaboutit! I don’t like ‘em, and I gotta be an only dog. But hey, I’m feisty and cute so what’s not to love? Badda bing, badda boom!

Hi there. I’m Mama. They call me that ‘cuz they think I’ve had lots of puppies (little so-and-sos sure wore my nipples out!). I’m a pit bull, but don’t let that scare you. My foster dad Gaya Yosri says I’m really smart, house-broken, sweet and patient with his annoying little puppy. You kinda get used to whiny kids when you’ve had as many kids as I have. Gaya thinks I’d be good with other dogs, and I’d love to go on walks with you.

Yip yip! I’m Dorothy. You know. Like the golden girls? ‘Cuz I’m a golden Pomeranian. Get it? Get it? Heather saved me from a nasty puppy mill, so I’m a little scared of people right now. But I’m learning to trust again, and I’m rrrreeaaaallly energetic! See how I’m smiling here? I get along well with all my other sisters, and I’d be happy to meet any doggies you have at home!

Hello, I’m Louise, and I don’t like to admit it, but I’m the favorite over at Yuppie Puppie because I’m so sweet and I say hello to everyone I meet. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want me to find a home. I really like attention, and I’m excited to meet any new dog or cat friends you have at your house. They’re testing me for breast cancer now, so I might have some special needs. I really want to come home with you so we can go for lots and lots of walks!

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiiiiiieeeenerrrr … but I’m just a wiener dog named Meyer! I’m another puppy mill rescue so I’m still a little nervous around people (I went out for the first time today when the nice reporter came by!). But Heather says I’m lively and fun and really affectionate. I really want to come home with you … just as long as you don’t make too many hot dog jokes.

Hi I’m Jack, and I’m a Japanese Chin dog. Shorrry if I talk a little funny. It’s ‘caush my toungek hangsh out of my mouth. I’m kind of schhy around people (Laurie had to call me lots to get my pictschuur), but I’m schoo cute! I’d love to be your new bescht friend!

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