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“This is the same ghost PAC of the national gays — that was an ugly thing to do on Friday when [I] can't reply.”

– Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, speaking against a mailer sent out by unregistered political group Senate District 10 Citizens for Fair Taxation urging delegates not to re-elect him. 

“Buttars does not stand for anything the NAACP stands for.”

– Salt Lake City NAACP president Jeanetta Williams, vowing her organization will oppose Buttars’ bid for re-election to the state senate.

“Cam and Ted, violent crime is a great motivator in changing opinion, so as a gay gun-owning Democrat, am I right to believe that gay Americans will generally embrace the Second Amendment sooner than Democratic Americans will? Does self defense trump votes, or am I crazy?”

– Stonewall Shooting Sports of Utah President David Nelson to talk show host Cam Edwards and hard rock guitarist and Second Amendment activist Ted "The Nuge" Nugent in the April 28 “Cam & Company” Web cast, sponsored by the National Rifle Association.

“I’m a member of the Pink Pistols. Do I need to say more? … So, the Ted Nugent “Rolling Thunder 2008” tour goes from June 7 to September 7. When I'm in L.A., I want David and my fellow Pink Pistols guys to track me down at TedNugent.com and make sure that I'm a member of that organization … More often than not, both Democrat and Republican, [we] all have to speak up and we have to find a point of agreement, a point of solidarity and it usually is the right to self defense.”

– Nugent’s response to Nelson.

“The current civil rights issue is gay and lesbian equal rights – to enjoy loving, committed relationships and to live without fear. When gays and lesbians use “queer” to shock and disturb straight listeners, that reflects an immature teenage mentality that gays need to grow beyond in order to find an equal place in society.”

Pleasant Grove resident Paul Fisher in a letter to the Salt Lake Tribune criticizing Q columnist Troy Williams for using the word “queer.” Williams used the word in an April 17 letter to the Tribune criticizing an upcoming meeting between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and gay LDS group Affirmation.

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