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While most Pride parades and festivals are held in summer, there are some that are held in spring and fall. In the US, two of the most popular parades are New York and San Francisco. A great resource for Pride festival dates is InterPride, the International Association of LGBT Pride Coordinators. For parade dates, check our list of Parade Dates.

New York City — Celebrating Stonewall

June — You’ll want to book your hotel early as this is a very popular Pride destination. When you visit the birthplace of the LGBT Pride movement in the US, be sure to check out two of the best Times Square Hotels:

New York Marriott Marquis Times Square
Renaissance New York Hotel Times Square

San Franicsco — Castro Street & Beyond

June — You’ll meet infidels rather than Fidel if you decide to make San Francisco your Pride vacation spot. Although the Castro has become decidedly more “family-friendly” over the past few years, it is still the center of the LGBT community for many, as a new generation of our community discover the magic of this Golden Gate city. Need a place to stay? Click Here.

Paris — Gay Paree

(website in French)

July — Paris made major strides in the arena of LGBT visibility when Bertrand Delanoë was elected as its first out gay mayor. The wonders of Paris abound, and Pride is no exception. The week preceding the parade is filled with parties and celebration of all kinds leading up to a truly phenomenal parade.

Amsterdam — Tulips are always better

August — Feeling decadent? Then you’ll definitely want to check out what is hailed as one of the best Pride celebrations in the world. Amsterdam is home to the unique floating Canal Parade as well as multiple parties, dances and general merrymaking. Check for gay-friendly hotels here.

On a side note, no matter where you decide to celebrate Pride this year, take a moment and remember why we celebrate, as we strive for greater equality around the world. Many of our brothers and sisters live with discrimination, prejudice and even danger every day – so it is important that each of us make sure we are out and proud at least one day a year. Stand Up!

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Editor’s Travel Tips

Plan ahead, and hopefully you won’t need that extra suitcase. If you’re attending a special event, and have a unique outfit, look into sending it to yourself care of your hotel. This way you can pack it in a box to your specifications, and not have to worry about it getting smashed en route by those gorilla luggage handlers. And remember, most hotels offer laundry and dry cleaning services if you’re in a pinch. Always notify your hotel to expect a package for you ahead of time!

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