RCGSE Announces Coronation XXXIII: “Meant for Each Other”

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The lusty month of May is a time for flowers, warmer weather and, of course, Coronation, the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire’s annual party and drag show where the drag group crowns its new leadership, also known as royalty. 

Each year, the reigning Emperor and Empress set Coronation’s theme. Regent Emperor Alan Anderson said that he and Regent Empress Sheneka Christie picked “Meant for Each Other: Famous Couples Throughout History” from a high school movie.

“I can’t tell you too much, but our first set is The Flintstones,” Anderson said. “Sheneka and I will be Fred and Wilma.”

But the theme runs deeper for them, he added.

“The Emperor and Empress don’t always get along, but Sheneka and I are really close,” he said, tearing up a bit. “I’m gonna cry here. We were meant for each other. When we travel on the circuit, everyone is amazed at how we’ve gotten along. It’s been a fun year, an amazing year.”

To conclude this amazing year, Anderson said that Coronation attendees can expect a number of fabulous performers to appear at the several shows held May 23-26. These include Hollywood Nightingale, the 23-year old Emperor from Portland, Ore. (“he’s a little cutie,” Anderson laughed) and past Portland Empress Poison Waters, past Empress Diva Simone from Eugene, Ore. and Nina Montaldo, a former Denver Empress who has attended several of Utah’s Coronations. Local talent will include a command performance by Empress XXVII Agnes Malloy Cheesecake.

“We have a lot of out of town people coming,” said Anderson. “We hope to get 400 people to come.”

 Most excitingly, the head of the International Court Imperial System (the organization of drag groups that perform for charitable causes and to which RCGSE belongs), Empress Nicole the Great, Queen Mother of the Americas, will be there to induct Anderson into the Imperial Court Council.

“It’s good for Salt Lake to be represented on this council,” Anderson said, adding that the 30-member board represents over 70 chapters in the United States and Canada.

For a full schedule of events and ticket prices visit rcgse.org/Coronation_XXXIII.html.

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