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“Whether or not the recent court decision in California to uphold gay marriage holds through the November ballot, it remains that beyond all arguments, beyond all constitutional amendments, and beyond all religious figures marshaling their faithful masses to oppose it – there will always be homosexual partners completely and utterly devoted to each other.” 

–    Provo resident Dave McGregor, in a letter to the Salt Lake Tribune about the California gay marriage decision.

“In fact, the most momentous and groundbreaking part of this decision doesn't have anything to do with whether gay and lesbian Californians are allowed to be “married” or must instead make do with “domestic partnerships.”

It has to do with the fact court's breathtaking proclamation that the state has an interest in prohibiting anti-gay discrimination not simply on the basis of sex-discrimination laws, but because gays and lesbians are themselves worthy of full inclusion in society.

–    CityWeekly copy editor and blogger Brandon Burt weighing in on the California gay marriage decision.

“When the first returns came in this afternoon voters in Utah seemed to be rejecting gay marriage by a wide margin: 65% to 35%. But as we’ve seen again and again this campaign season, Wolf, early returns are unreliable. And while results are are [sic] still pouring in the Stranger Situation Room is now projecting that — what do you know? —Utah is for gay marriage. Yes, Utah appears to be safely in the pro-gay-marriage camp.”

–    Sex columnist Dan Savage in Seattle’s independent newspaper The Stranger, commenting on a KSL News online poll that asked if Utahns are for or against gay marriage.

“We have to reach out to these kids or young adults. If we end up saving one person's life with this show then we've done our work properly.”

–    Garry Peter Morris, co-producer of a St. George production of Facing East, Carol Lynn Pearson’s award-winning play about Mormon parents coping with the suicide of their gay son.

“We reasonably believe an inevitable result of such ‘marriage tourism’ will be a steep increase in litigation of the recognition issue in our courts.”

– Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, in a letter asking California courts to delay their ruling in favor of gay marriage.

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