Kimpton Introduces Summer of Pride

From Memorial Day to Labor Day the country’s most popular gay-friendly hotel chain will be offering travelers a discount during its 2nd annual Summer of Pride. 

The chain in question, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants – which owns Salt Lake City’s Hotel Monaco and Bambara Restaurant – will be offer a discounted rate (10-20% off their best available rate) on their rooms on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at Kimpton properties in 14 cities, including Salt Lake City.

Kimpton is holding its Summer of Pride in part because of trends in gay and lesbian travel plans. An April 2008 online poll of 1,500 gay men and lesbians indicated that several plan on vacationing closer to home and including many summertime Gay Pride festival cities in their travel plans.

“The big trend in Gay and Lesbian travel is that the community is exploring mid size cities all over North America,” said David Paisley with San Francisco-based Community Marketing, Inc., the research firm that conducted the poll.

“When we look at Kimpton's LGBT program, The Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City is one of our star performers,” he continued. “They raise more money per hotel for their local LGBT and HIV charities than any other Kimpton Hotel.  They do have an “advantage” that Kimpton only has one hotel in Salt Lake, while some of our cities have six or more hotels, but regardless the Hotel Monaco truly rocks as far as their relationship to the LGBT community.”

Hotel Monaco holds several such events throughout the year including the Red Party in honor of World AIDS Day and a party during the Utah Pride Festival.

To take advantage of the Summer of Pride rate use the code PRD when making reservations at kimptonhotels.com/lgbt.

Kimpton’s weekend Summer of Pride rate will also be offered in Alexandria, Arlington, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Washington D.C.

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