Poll: Californians Support Same-Sex Marriage, Oppose Constitutional Ban

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A California Field Poll released May 28 found that 51 percent of registered California voters support same-sex marriage, 42 percent oppose it and seven percent have no opinion. 

The respected poll also found that 54 percent oppose amending the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage, 40 percent favor an amendment and six percent have no opinion.

The California Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage May 15 and the weddings are scheduled to begin June 17. A voter initiative to amend the constitution to undo the Supreme Court ruling likely will appear on the ballot in the November election.

The poll found that the biggest support for same-sex marriage comes from younger voters, Democrats, liberals, nonreligious people and residents of the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County.

The strongest opposition comes from older people, Republicans, conservatives, born-again Christians, Protestants and residents of the Central Valley and Southern California counties apart from L.A. County.

Women (53 percent) are more supportive than men (48 percent) with eight percent of each having no opinion and the rest opposed.

A majority of respondents up to age 49 favor same-sex marriage, while a majority of people over age 50 oppose it.

This was the first poll in which a majority of California voters supported same-sex marriage, and Field Poll Director Mark DiCamillo said the Supreme Court ruling is the likely reason.

”We had this historic ruling of the state Supreme Court, and people may have been persuaded,” DiCamillo told the Sacramento Bee. “We do see a shift. It looks like something happened to affect opinion.”

”The court is held in high esteem in California,” he told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The poll questioned 1,052 voters and has a margin of error of 3.2 percentage points.

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