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“Whatever you give I will give, Why? Because it is the good thing to do and I want goodness in my life. I will fight the real wickedness, which is the lies being spread by those who don't know us. This whole process is a process of education – we have to be who we are.” 

–    WordPerfect co-founder and local philanthropist Bruce Bastian, telling Provo’s Daily Herald that he will match all donations made to the Human Rights Campaign at its annual Gala Dinner this Saturday.

“The elections this November could very well be the turning point for our community, and with all the innovation and energy we have exhibited over the past year, what we know for sure is that in these elections neither party will use us as a weapon for political gain as they have in the past …We are smart enough to know priority one now is to look out for our own self-interest, and the choice could not be clearer.”

– HRC President Joe Solomonese in his HRC Gala Dinner speech.

“Again, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a good time. Everyone should be able to go out and have a parade once in a while. But gays and lesbians won't be given the same rights as long as they are trying to flaunt their sexuality. If their cause is to secure equal rights, they need to fight through legislation and take advantage of gains, such as Utah's domestic partner registry. Wearing rainbow tube tops and assless chaps in parades might be a good time, but it can only stall their goals.”

–    Daily Utah Chronicle columnist Gina Lea Nickl on Utah Pride.

 “Pride is more than a party. It shows we want equality. We want rights. We're not second-class citizens.”

–    Q columnist and Utah gay community historian Ben Williams, telling the Salt Lake Tribune about the history of Gay Pride in Utah.

 “It's my Christmas and my New Year’s. It's truly an experience where none of the vindictive and … dehumanizing things that have happened to me in my life have any power.”

– Utahn Ron Hunt telling the Salt Lake Tribune why he has attended Pride events in Utah for 33 consecutive years.

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