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SNAP: Utah Pride 

Utah Pride made a financially daring move in 2007 when it expanded its Sunday celebration to a three-day festival with more music, more entertainment and best of all, more hours on the festival grounds at the City County building. We’re glad to see that move pay off this year with increased attendance, parade and booth participation and, best of all, decreased waiting time in the drink lines. Hopefully when the last numbers are crunched and the last receipts tallied, the 2008 Utah Pride Festival will come out well in the black for the Utah Pride Center, not just because it’s some of the best fun we’ve had all year, but because it’s a vital part of Utah’s culture and politics.

SNAP: Utah Pride Parade

Usually the entire Q staff and many of our friends march in the Utah Pride Parade each year. It’s great fun waving to everyone and handing out our Salt Lake Q Pages directories, but we never had the joy of watching the parade pass us by until the miracle of YouTube. After we got home, de-glittered our eyes and slept off our hangovers, we watched the highlights online and looked at the fabulous photographs by David Daniels and Becky Heyborne (at utahpridecenter.org) and our own Laurie Kaufman (reddragonflyphotography.com). Our opinion? At 65 entries and well over 90 minutes long, this year’s parade was one of the most colorful, exciting and raucous we’ve ever seen. It’s a hard act to follow for 2009, but we know the community is up for it.

SNAP: Damn These Heels!

Here at QSaltLake, we love movies as much as the next gay person. And what we loved about the Damn These Heels! Film Festival was its diversity. These ten films and one panel represented 17 countries and just about as many languages, and many aspects of queer identity from gay Marines, lesbian schoolgirls, transgendered filmmakers and intersex teenagers. A hearty snap to this intelligent film festival, and may it be all the better next year.  


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