Gay Marriage: Christopher and Teinamarrie Scuderi

 Christopher and Teinamarrie ScuderiWhen did you get married?

July 7, 2007 (7/7/07)

What was the ceremony like?

The ceremony was amazing. Wonderful. We had seven people in each line. Michael Aaron and Christian Allred sang. Everyone laughed and cried. It was held at the South Valley Unitarian Universalist Church.

Did you have a reception after the ceremony?

Yes. About 300 people at the church.

Why did you decide to go through a ceremony?

Because I have always wanted to have a big Princess wedding. Plus it’s an all about me event, haha.

What was your most memorable part of the ceremony?

My most memorable parts were that I almost started the wedding without the reverend; our “coming together” bouquet; Rev. Sean explaining how we hope and want all of our friends and family to someday be able to marry their partners; our candle that was lighted for those who could not attend our wedding both living and dead; kissing Christopher at the end of our vows; Michael and Christian singing; our cake and flowers by Christine Johnson; Tylynn hiding me from Christopher; my cousin Michelle being in my line; dancing with Jaricka; dancing with my Dad; Jaricka catching the bouquet, then not wanting it after she realized what it meant.

Christopher’s favorite moments are: discreetly slipping his handkerchief to me; Rev. Sean holding our wedding rings in his hand speaking about love as an infinite circle in marriage.

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