Gay Marriage: Jeremy Eskelsen and Michael Hargreaves

Jeremy Eskelsen and Michael Hargreaves When did you get married?

We actually had our wedding Sept. 10, 2005 — here in Utah at the First Unitarian Church, but then again legally June 17, 2008 in Los Angeles at the Albertson Wedding Chapel.

What was the ceremony like?

We did not want this marriage to outshine our original wedding. The original was beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. However, this is also very important — the ceremony was very traditional. Since all of our friends and family came to our first wedding, we didn’t feel it necessary to have everyone fly to L.A. for the second. It was just us, we gave semi-traditional vows (we wrote our own the first time).

Why did you decide to go through a ceremony?

Mike and I have been together for about six years. Three years ago we wanted to share our commitment with our families in the way we have both grown up seeing two people unionize their commitments. We decided to go to L.A. because we felt this was a very important day, being the first day an out-of-state couple could actually be legally married. While we know Utah will not recognize the marriage, California, New York, Massachusetts, and a few others (that have domestic partner laws) will. Someday DOMA will be overturned, and our license will simply go right into effect. I was proud to be able to do this the first day it was legal to do so.

What was your most memorable part of the ceremony?

Even though we didn’t write our own vows, as I really internalized what our vows meant, and that this was going to be recognized by some states, I realized how real this really was and started to cry. I will admit since we had such a beautiful wedding before, I felt like this was kind of just “getting the paper” but the power of the day flooded over me, and I pictured us along with hundreds of other people saying similar commitments, and having them recognized, and I was overwhelmed.

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