Bastian writes $1 Million Check to Defeat Calif. Marriage Amendment

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On July 26, the founder of the WordPerfect software company, Bruce
Bastian, wrote a $1 million check to the campaign against Proposition 8.

"If people are shown the truth and have fear taken out of the equation,
I believe they will stand up for what's good and fair," Bastian said,
according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bruce Bastian speaking at a Human Rights Campaign fundraiser at his home.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. donated $250,000 to the campaign to
defeat the effort to amend the California Constitution to re-ban
same-sex marriage.

The measure will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot.

"We are proud to join NO on 8 and Equality California to protect the
freedom to marry for all Californians," said Nancy McFadden, senior vice
president of public affairs.

"PG&E is honored to be a founding member of the Equality Business
Advisory Council and urge our business colleagues to join us as we work
to guarantee the same rights and freedoms for every Californian."

Among other donors, the Human Rights Campaign has given $570,000, the
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has given $200,000, and Cleveland
businessman David Maltz has donated $500,000.

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