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“The locals spoke about their happiness that the Chinese government now acknowledged that gay people existed in China – 2% of the population is the official figure, apparently.  … And for a community that is large even if taking the governments 2% figure – 25 million people in China today – it is unrecognisable on the streets, in the Olympic village and even around the venues.” 

–    Openly gay former NBA player and the 2007 Utah Pride Festival’s grand marshal John Amaechi in an Aug 6 post about the visibility of gay people in China to his 2008 Olympics blog, beijinglegacyblog.com. Amaechi is in Beijing on assignment for the BBC and as an ambassador for human rights group Amnesty International.

 “Each victim at Mountain Meadows had walking beside him a man poised to raise his gun and shoot. History will show that the gay [Mormon] men [who have committed suicide] of whom I speak had walking beside them a dark shadow impersonating God, a shadow that gave them misinformation about who they were, misinformation that most of us now acknowledge was both dead wrong and deadly: ‘Homosexuality is often caused by masturbation . . . may lead to bestiality . . . caused by selfishness . . . electric shock will set you right . . . a good woman . . . reparative therapy . . . fasting and prayer . . . you would be better off at the bottom of the Great Salt Lake with a millstone around your neck . . .’”

–    Utah-born author and playwright Carol Lynn Pearson comparing the suicide of gay Mormon men (and less frequently women) to the Mountain Meadows Massacre in a Salt Lake Tribune editorial and urging LDS faithful to make lives easier for gay and lesbian Mormons.

“I respectfully suggest that the gay and lesbian support group Affirmation leave The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints alone and go bother somebody else.”

–    Salt Lake City resident Douglas Cotant writing to the Salt Lake Tribune about gay Mormon group Affirmation’s recent attempts to meet with church leadership to discuss the church’s treatment of its gay and lesbian members.

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