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“[W]e should certainly intervene whenever possible to help people avoid the awful choice of suicide. But Pearson’s implication for Mormons seems to be: We must sanction individuals indulging in sodomy without guilt or consequence; otherwise, they're going to commit suicide and their deaths will be on our heads. That sounds like blackmail to me, and I don't accept it.” 

–    Provo resident Christopher Bigelow in a letter to the Salt Lake Tribune commenting on Carolyn Pearson’s latest editorial urging Mormons to love and accept their gay members.

“There is always an obligation to embrace and love all people, regardless of their beliefs. No Latter-day Saint apostle has said that the only gay people Mormons are to love, accept and help are those who are working on “overcoming” their same-sex attraction or who are in harmony with Mormonism.”

–    Salt Lake City resident Hillary McCormack responding to Bigelow’s letter.

“Realize that if gay activists get their way, and introduce ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ protections into Idaho law, these owners could be sued for discrimination for their conscience-driven decision not to sell pro-gay greeting cards.”

–    Conservative group Idaho Values Alliance thanking their members for convincing Hallmark managers in the Nampa Valley to pull gay marriage greeting cards from their shelves.

“Idaho Family Takes Bold Stand Against Evil Greeting Card Menace”

–    Headline from liberal blog Rightwingwatch.org poking fun at the Idaho Values Alliance’s calls to have Hallmark gay marriage greeting cards pulled from store shelves.

“[Legalizing gay marriage] will harm you and your family the same way polygamous marriage to 14 year olds will harm you. … It will transform the meaning, expectations and practices of marriage as a social institution and affects everyone who has a stake in marriage.”

– Brigham Young University law professor Lynn Wardle as quoted in the Deseret News in an Aug. 21 speech to attorneys during the school's education week, encouraging attorneys to speak out against gay marriage.

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