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“American history is full of people like [West Jordan Republican Sen. Chris] Buttars and organizations like the Eagle Forum and the LDS Church. There will always be those who aggressively work to marginalize minority populations. We need them. And strangely, they also need us.” 

–    QSaltLake Columnist and KRCL RadioActive producer Troy Williams in a Salt Lake Tribune guest editorial about how anti-gay Utahns like Buttars actually help gay rights movements.

"We were very happy. It's the only way we can demonstrate our commitment in Salt Lake City. It represented some serious progress and also some real hope."

–    Daniel Holsinger who with partner Jay Christianson signed Salt Lake City’s “mutual commitments” registry earlier this year, speaking to the Salt Lake Tribune on the registry’s sixth month in existence.

"Sometimes being Christ-like means you have to teach and stand up for principles you believe are important and true. If churches don't teach and stand up for moral issues, like traditional marriage, who will?"

–    Lehi resident Jewel Rowley, writing in to the Salt Lake Tribune in support of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ support for a proposition to ban gay marriage in California.

"The continuing belief that what happened to Matt was not a hate crime and the notion that ‘special people shouldn’t have special rights,’ is beyond my comprehension. The level of ‘hate’ is frightening. … It is ignorance that ultimately results in hate and that may escalate into physical violence. The only way to combat that ignorance is to educate and tell our stories."

–    Judy Shepard, mother of slain gay college student Matthew Shepard, on the 10th anniversary of her son’s death.

"Every brave soul who has come out inescapably becomes an educator to the rest of us."

–    Barry Gomberg, director of affirmative action and equal opportunity at Weber State University, speaking at the Utah Pride Center’s National Coming Out Day Brunch as reported by the Salt Lake Tribune.

"Even if you're not in California, take this one seriously; if you think that our enemies aren't watching this battle carefully with challenges in Massachusetts and Connecticut in mind, you're wrong. What happens here will help determine the fate of our equality for years, even decades, to come."

– AfterElton.com blogger Christie Keith on the importance of fighting California’s anti-gay Proposition 8.

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