Utah Companies Which Supported Proposition 8

The following companies, trusts and business owners donated to pass Proposition 8 to remove the rights of gay and lesbian couples in California to marry:


Constancy Trust, $10,000
Douglas Youngberg Investments, $5,000
Energy Efficiency Mgmt, $2,450
First Global Marketing, $10,000
Fundet Foundation Inc., $10,000
Intense International,  $2,000
Lakeside Storage, $1,000
Ripley Architects, $200
Synergy Entrepreneurs,  $2,550
Zion Foundation, $10,000

CEOs, Presidents, Owners

Alan Ashton, Thanksgiving Point, $1,000,000
Jonathan Bullen, Eagle Gate College, Provo College, Evolution Fitness, owner, $5,000
Kenneth Woolley, Extra Space Inc., CEO, $5,000
Katharine Garff, Ken Garff Automotive, $100,000
Nathaniel Stringham, Mac Management, Inc, CEO, $500
Stephanie Bywater, Mediconnect Global, CEO, $100
Bryan Piteck, Subway Sandwiches, 221 S. 1300 E, Owner, $500
Diane Petty, Western States Mechanical, Owner, $500
Kyle Christensen, Western Botanicals, Inc., Owner, $500
Randy Giboney, Western Botanicals, Inc., Owner, $500
Timothy Nicolaysen, Es-O-En Corp, Owner, $100
Penny Linford, Prosteel Security Products, President, $100
Laura Middleton, HRCP, L.C., President, $200
Stephanie Bywater,  Mediconnect Global, CEO, $100

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