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Quips & Quotes

“[I]t will take considerable humility, charity and forgiveness to heal the wounds caused by this initiative.” 

–     Robert Rees, a former bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in California, telling the Salt Lake Tribune about the divisions Proposition 8 has caused in his church.

“We'll never see the end of this debate because we're not going to see the end of gay people.”
–    Cheryl Jacques, former Massachusetts State Senator and Human Rights Campaign president, discussing the issue of gay marriage at Utah Valley University as quoted by BYU NewsNet.  

“I'm afraid that a gay or lesbian friend might hear that I'm Mormon and think that I want to tear their marriage apart.”

–    Christine Alonso, an Oakland, California Mormon, discussing her opposition to Proposition 8 with the San Francisco Chronicle.

“I didn't think there were any witches on the list, so I wasn't worried.”
–    Nadine Hansen, a Cedar City Mormon and owner Mormonsfor8.com, as quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, answering charges that members of liberal blog DailyKos are using data on her “neutral” Web site to locate and harass Mormon contributors to pro-Proposition 8 campaigns.

“As a flaming heterosexual, it's a full-time job for me just to keep my thoughts clean in church. I don't have the energy to fret about somebody else's libido.”

–    Robert Kirby, Salt Lake Tribune columnist and self-described “oxymormon,” on the gay marriage debate.

“Get with Prop 8 or your [sic] a homo.”

–    An anonymous letter to Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Kirby, blasting him for a previous column in support of gay marriage.

“Your hard line stance and hateful ways of dealing with this has done more damage to families than you can imagine. I know of hundreds of people who feel they have to choose between the church and their children. As for me my family, including my gay children come first.”

–    Claudia Bradshaw, Southern Utah PFLAG founder and mother of a gay son, in an open letter to the Mormon Church on signingforsomething.com.

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