Salt Lake Candlelight Gathering to Feature Mormon Mothers

A group of Mormon mothers are stepping forward in support of their gay children and the larger gay community in opposing California's Proposition 8 to eliminate the rights of same-sex couples to marry.

At the mothers’ urging, Salt Lake City PFLAG, Equality Utah, the Pride Center, the Inclusion Center, Affirmation, and the Human Rights Campaign joined together for a candlelight gathering for all supporters of our gay and lesbian friends and neighbors Sunday, Nov. 2, at the Salt Lake City Library plaza at 6:00 p.m.

The gathering is open to the general public, gay, straight, Mormon and non-Mormon alike and is intended to be a positive pro-community show of support and inclusion of our gay brothers and sisters. There will be a short program featuring Mormon mothers Millie Watts, Katherine Steffensen, and Linda Barney. Candles will be provided for everyone following the program and we will join together in a short procession around the city block of the library.

Organizers are asking people to spread the word and encourage their friends and families to be there. This event is free.

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