Signs of the Times

Marchers in Salt Lake City’s thousands-strong anti-Proposition 8 rally carried gay pride flags, rode tall bicycles and even taped their mouths shut to symbolize the silencing of gays and lesbians seeking equal marriage rights. They also carried a sea of signs. Here are some of our favorites:

Keep Your Doctrine Out of My Covenants

If I Can’t Marry a Guy, Can I Marry Your Daughter?

Gay People are Not Evil (made and carried by a child)

We are Straight and We Don’t Hate! Equality for Everyone!

Read My Lips: No More Mrs. Nice Gay!

Jesus Makes Rainbows, Not Hate!

I Didn’t Vote on Your Marriage

Mormons Once Persecuted … Now Persecutors

Taxed But Not Represented

Gay Is The New Black

Come Ye Saints To The Right Side of History

I Only Want One Wife (a sticker seen on several T-shirts)

Whose Rights Would Jesus Deny?

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