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Quips & Quotes

“The church is not commenting on the issue for the time being.” 

–    Scott Trotter, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spokesman, when asked about the church’s plans for responding to Equality Utah’s Common Ground Initiative.

“What's that choking sensation I feel? Why it might just be the bible belt, slung over the Rockies and slowly being cinched up.:

–    Eric S. Peterson, blogging about Baptist support for the LDS Church in the wake of Proposition 8’s passage (and ward house vandalisms across the country) for the Salt Lake City Weekly.

“Their story is that we Mormons somehow oppress them [Proposition 8 opponents] and force them; they claim to be our victims. And yet they are the ones who tried to force us to accept their radical change through judicial edict, rejecting a clear majority vote only a few years before.”

–    Orson Scott Card, LDS columnist and writer, on what he sees as Proposition 8 opponents’ oppressive actions towards Mormons who supported the measure.

“Utah, though it doesn’t know it yet, is one of the largest gay population areas per capita in the country. I see Salt Lake City being one of the areas of major demonstrations in this movement, along with L.A., San Francisco and New York.”
–    Jacob Whipple, Salt Lake City gay activist and organizer of the Nov. 7 anti-Prop. 8 rally at LDS Church headquarters, in the Salt Lake City Weekly.

“Salt Lake City is already known for having a surprisingly large and active gay population, and I think we will see more gays flocking here, especially those who are militant against Mormonism. It will become the ultimate ‘we’re here, we’re queer’ trend to move into the shadow of the Salt Lake Temple and practice their alternative lifestyle.”

–    Christopher Bigelow, Mormon writer, editor and owner of satirical Mormon newspaper The Sugar Beet, predicting (apparently seriously) on his blog that “militant gay activists” will soon take over Salt Lake City.

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