ROTC Twirls into 2009 with Open House

For the past three years the Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps-Salt Lake City have wowed audiences in and out of state with their fancy flag and footwork.

And now you, too, can join their ranks.

On Feb. 5, the color guard performance corps will hold an open house at Our Store: Your Thrift Alternative to give would-be performers, sponsors and all-around fans of their work information about what they do and a preview of their plans for 2009.

“It’s basically how we kick off our season,” explained Logan Brueck, ROTC-SLC’s director.

Although ROTC SLC can only accept volunteers and performers age 18 and over, Brueck stressed that no experience is needed to join up.

“If you have no experience you’ll start off on flag,” he explained—meaning that newcomers will begin by learning how to spin the colorful tall flags the group uses in its performances.  He added that experience is, of course, welcome, and that people who have experience in baton-twirling or spinning the wooden riffles that are a staple of color guards everywhere are especially welcome.  

This coming year, Brueck said that the troupe will be learning a new technique—how to spin sabers (swords).

“We’re also thinking about maybe starting a squad of flag dancers,” said Brueck, adding that this technique is similar to Maori poi ball spinning, only using hand-spun flags instead of weighted balls.

“We have a few people who can teach it, and if there’s enough interest we will make it part of the troupe,” said Brueck.

As in years past, Brueck said that ROTC-SLC has big plans for 2009. These include not only performing at a number of events in Utah’s gay community like the Utah Pride Festival, but traveling to Las Vegas to perform in Sin City’s own Gay Pride Festival. The event is an important one for the troupe, said Brueck, and one in which they’ve performed very well. In 2007, ROTC-SLC took second place overall and won best overall in 2008. Their routines in the Utah Pride Parade have also won the accolades.
“Vegas is going to be a big thing gain for us this year,” said Brueck. He added that the group is looking at chartering a bus for the trip down and selling seats to non-members.

“It’s a bit like the Cyber Sluts Fabulous Fun Bus,” he said. “ We’ll have two sluts with us to do bingo.”

Another “big thing” for the corps this year will be its routines. So far, Brueck said they plan on learning a routine set to Doris Day’s “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps,” Gwen Stefani’s “Wind It Up” and, of course, Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas” for their Vegas performance. Other possibilities for music include the Scissor Sisters’ “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing.” Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire Viscountess Korynne Kidman will also lip-sync to one of the songs.

For people who are interested in ROTC-SLC’s work but who don’t feel comfortable twirling flags, riffles or sabers, Brueck said that the group also needs several “behind the scenes” people, including “roadies” to help them when they travel out of state to perform. And, of course, individuals and businesses interested in sponsoring the corps are always welcome.

Equipment such as flags and rifles will be also be available at the open house for interested parties to use.

ROTC-SLC will hold its first rehearsal on Feb. 11.

The open house will be held Feb. 5 in Our Store: Your Thrift Alternative’s meeting room (358 S 300 E) starting at 7:00 p.m. For more information about the corps visit rotcslc.com.

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