Equality on Campus Day Jan. 27

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January 27th has been chosen as the day all college and high school students and their allies across the United States can show solidarity by ordering and wearing Students For Equality’s t-shirt to school, on campus, or around town, in support and in unity for the fight for equal rights, particularly marriage equality.

“Our organization is basically trying to create a database of all gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender youth groups, including Gay/Straight alliances at high school and college campuses across the country so that we can quickly unify and mobilize whenever big issues concerning gay and lesbian equality arises,” said founder Eric Ross, co-founder of Students For Equality. “We had a lot of new, young voters and the main reason to get this going is because there is not a rallying group out there that is trying to keep youth focused and active.”

Ross says that about 20 people from Utah have signed up through the various websites and they have approached Utah State University, Weber State, the U of U, local PGLAG groups, GLSEN, the Pride Center, and college student groups for Barack Obama. Eric says they are working on a couple ideas, including establishing a scholarship fund rewarding students in the community who are active in gay and lesbian issues, a show and tell campaign where members just tell who they are and get dialogue going, and focusing on the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, The Matthew Shepard Act, adoption rights, and supporting political candidates and current politicians.

“We are having this event one week after the inauguration to remind Obama that we are not going away,” said Ross. “We are expecting him to address same-sex marriage and gay and lesbian rights in general.”
Students for Equality can be found at www.studentsforequality.com, on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

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