William Munk Dies in Egypt

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William Munk traveling in Juneau, Alaska in July, 2008Utah photographer and banker William Munk died after suffering from a seizure while sailing down the Nile River on January 15. Munk was well known in the gay and lesbian community as the smiling face behind the camera at many Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire, Utah Gay Rodeo Association, Utah Bear Alliance, Utah Pride and other community events. He shot thousands of photographs for QSaltLake and The Pillar, as well as for his personal collection.

A funeral will be held in Tempe, Ariz. where his parents live. Utah friends are organizing a local memorial. QSaltLake will publish details as they become available.

Munk described himself as a “Mild Mannered Banker by day, Passionate Photographer and Traveler by Night, weekends and whenever I can! I watch too much tv and read too few books. I drive too much and walk too little.”

Munk was an avid contributor to the Letters to the Editor sections of Utah’s dailies as well as the Pillar and QSaltLake. He also spent much time on the online forums of the local dailies.

At the time of his death, Munk held the Court title of Miss Golden Spike Universe. Three years ago he held the title of Mr. Golden Spike Universe and made a dream come true when he developed the drag personality of Magna Cum Loudly and delighted judges with his outrageous and irreverent evening wear, answer to the pageant question and performance.

He was epileptic and synaesthetic, but chose to live life to its fullest, regardless.

Munk was born and raised in Tempe, Ariz. and attended Mesa Community College and Arizona State. He worked at Zion’s Bank since 1995 and owned Puddle Products, his photography company.

Memorial details to follow.


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