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Anita Bryant Would Be so Proud

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After her singing career, Anita Bryant dedicated herself to the condemnation and dehumanization of homosexuals in the mid-1970s. She campaigned around the country to repeal ordinances that prohibited LGBT discrimination in four states. She helped pass the Florida measure prohibiting gay adoption. Anita did all this to “Save the Children.”

Gayle Ruzicka is turning her attention to Equality Utah’s Common Ground Initiative to defeat all five bills which would protect LGBT persons from being fired or evicted unfairly, and allow them to draw up contracts for inheritance, insurance, wrongful death, and hospital visitation. Gayle is doing all of this to “ultimately protect the traditional family and protect marriage.” She doesn’t care about the protection of LGBT families, or individuals.

Gayle argues that giving class protections to homosexuals will inevitably precipitate to a court battle legalizing gay marriage; therefore, government sanctioned discrimination of homosexuals is needed. Gayle is asking Utahans and their legislators to abandon the LGBT community and their sovereign civil and human rights to “protect marriage.” It doesn’t make sense to me either.

I urge all Utahan’s to abandon this witch-hunt. Please, stand on the side of equality and justice and end blatant discrimination using “marriage” as a scapegoat.

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