Group Charges LDS Church with Prop 8 Cover-up, Seeks Help

The leader of Californians Against Hate flew to Salt Lake City today to call attention to what he is dubbing “Mormongate” — a cover-up by leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on their financial involvement in the passage of Proposition 8.

Group founder Fred Karger said that the LDS Church became publicly involved in Proposition 8 on June 29 when church president Thomas S. Monson signed a letter to be read during church services across the western states.

“We immediately noticed an average of $511,000 per day coming in after the letter was read,” Karger said at a press conference in the Downtown Marriott. “We investigated these new sudden donations through previous donations and sites like LinkedIn and others and found BYU alumni, Romney supporters,and such to show these were likely LDS donors.”

California election law, Karger explained, requires individuals or organizations to file reports of any contribution of $1,000 or more within two weeks if before the month of August, or 24 hours if after.

Karger said that the new revelation that the church spent nearly $190,000 only came about after the California Fair Political Practices Commission agreed to investigate his complaint, lodged a week after the election, that the church under-reported their involvement.

“When I first filed the complaint, [church leaders] accused me of false and misleading information in my account,” Karger said. “One representative even told KGO Television that the church put ‘zero money’ in the passage of Prop. 8.”

“Imagine how surprised I was when, lo and behold, it was released that there were $190,000 in non-monetary contributions from the church,” said Karger.

Karger believes there is even more than the LDS Church leaders are admitting to. He is encouraging people who may be in the know to contact a special “tip line” he set up where people can confidentially send along information that might be helpul in finding more church expenditures.

“Here, I ask for the public’s help with this. You can call 1-800-495-9356 or email tips@mormongate.com,” he announced.

Karger plans to file another complaint with the California FPPC with any new findings he may uncover.

“Where are the rest of your non-monetary expenditures, Mormon Church? What about the phone banks, precinct walks, all the slick videos and commercials, direct mail, busses, legal bills fro your California political law firm, etc.? They could not have all occurred until late September and October. It is clear that you began your work in June,” Karger questioned.


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