Buttars Compares Gays with Radical Muslims, Will Take Down America

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Former KTVX News reporter Reed Cowan has released an audio clip from his upcoming documentary of an interaction between him and Sen. Chris Buttars on gays and gay marriage where Buttars calls gays “immoral,” “taken over by the radical side,” “destroyed the Canadian Boy Scouts,” “diseased,” an “abomination” and “the meanest buggers” he’s seen.

ABC 4 News reporter Chris Vanocur was the first television reporter to make the comments public, and he could not even air parts because ABC 4 said they were “not appropriate for its news content.”

QSaltLake was able to get a 16-minute audio file where Buttars rambles through a slew of topics as well as a shot video clip where Buttars says that “pig sex”is involved in the gay community. The video was since taken down.

In it, Buttars attacks gays, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Utah NAACP for an assault on the U.S. Constitution and destroying the foundation of American society.

The clip starts out with Buttars saying, “Well, the gays are extremely organized, and very aggressive and they are always trying to be treated equally as married people. I oppose that.”

He calls recent attempts to pass pro-gay measures “sneaky,” and laughs after saying, “I’ve killed every one [pro-gay bill] they’ve brought for eight years.”

He claims that gays had a “gay convention of the states around here” and voted him “public enemy number one” and he was the community’s number one target. He says the community “brought two strategists in from back East and they spent a quarter of a million dollars trying to beat me. They didn’t do it, obviously.”

U.S. Constitution

“I believe the Constitution is something that was inspired of God. The way these people are destroying the Constitution is by saying the Constitution is a living document, so it’s subject to change, he said. “But truth don’t change.”

“So they say, ‘well, marriage is between a man and a woman and that’s changed. Look around, look at al these combinations.’ Combinations of abominations as far as I’m concerned.

Sexual Perversion

“To me, homosexuality will always be a sexual perversion. And you say that around here now and everybody goes nuts. But I don’t care,” he said, going on to say he doesn’t believe the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will ever change their opinion on gays and lesbians because the Proclamation on the Family is “all about gender.”

“They say, ‘I’m born that way.’ There is some truth to that, in that some people are born with an attraction to alcohol. One drink and you’re gone,” he went on. “But if someone tells ya, or if you have gay marriage and you got two mommies and no daddies, they grow up believing that’s okay. And they say, ‘well we don’t indocterate [sic] our kids.’ Well, my goodness, call me stupid, but if you are living with those people and you love ’em, then you’re gonna figure that’s okay.”

Gay-Straight Alliances and the ACLU’s ‘black hearts’

“Their number one goal is to proselyte the youth,” he said. “That’s why I threw them out of the schools because I said, ‘no, it’s not a friendship club, that’s a recruiting station.’ And there was 13 high schools and junior highs that had one and they’re all gone but two, and I don’t think they’ll go ‘cuz, the way it’s written, the principal has the right, without recourse to the principal, to make a decision if that club’s right for the school. … They got in and they said they was gonna sue and the ACLU, bless their black hearts, come in and say, ‘Well, we’ll sue you.’ And personally, the principals were scared.”

No More Nice Gay

“Oh, Gayle and I have been called every name in the book,” he said. “We have to have a big dictionary to look up everything they’ve called us.

“But they’re mean. They want to talk about being nice, they are the meanest buggers I’ve ever seen. They’s just like the Moslems. Moslems are good people and their religion is anti-war. But it’s been taken over by the radical side. And the gays are totally taken over by the radical side.”


“There’s just many studies that talk about how long a gay marriage averages, how many partners a gay person has and he might even say he’s married to in a lifetime. And you outta get ahold of those because if I told you what it was you wouldn’t believe me, he said, quickly following up with, “Well, it’s about 15. Not sex partners. There’s a lot more sex partners.”

Supreme Court

Buttars says former president Bush, “like him or love him,” saved America by appointing two conservative Supreme Court judges, but warned that if Obama “puts in Gisbergs,” then all the work he and other ultra-conservatives have done will be “trumped.”


“Well, I believe the whole thing is immoral,” he said. “You see, if you say to me, ‘Quit shoving your morals down my throat, Buttars,’ my answer to you is: ‘You know my morals. What’s yours?’ What is the morals of a gay person? You can’t answer that. Because anything goes. So, now you’re moving towards a society that has no morals. There’s never been a nation survive that’s done that.”

Employment Nondiscrimination

Buttars claimed that Rep. Christine Johnson’s bill seeking employment and housing nondiscrimination was “affirmative action,” that would “give the gays privilege in hiring and employment. So it doesn’t matte if I’m the most skilled, you get the job.”


Buttars went on to say that the “liberal media” was after him, especially the Salt Lake Tribune, which as turned, in his mind, to the “Salt Lake Tabloid.”

He also said that Gay Pride numbers are largely inflated and that half of the people attending are from out-of-state.


Buttars says he’s against expanding insurance benefits to gay and lesbian couples.

“There’s a lot of dollar costs. You take their trying to have insurance rights the same as a man and a woman. Now, when you’re married, the insurance company can quantify, we got this many married people so they run their underwriting,” he said. “You have no way to do that with gay people and you’re going to take on paying for all the extra, most often, diseases, and that’s huge. And now you, as a straight, get to share that cost. That’s what I’m talking about. Those kinds of diseases are not exclusive with gays, but they represent the huge majority.”

Destroying America

“But I get accused of being a homophobe and everything else you can name, and that won’t change,” he said. “I’m the wall they hit and they say that. They say, ‘this is the man who stood in the way of our agenda for eight years. He has to go.’”

I believe that you will destroy the foundation of American society because I believe the cornerstone of it is a man and a woman and a family. It is, in my mind, the beginning of the end. Oh, it’s worse than that. Sure, Sodom and Gomorrah was localized, this is world-wide. You can’t tell me that something was going on in Sodom and Gomorrah is not going on wholesale right now and to a large degree among the gay community … The underbelly is they do not want equality, they want superiority.”

“I believe that, internally, they are the greatest threat to America going down that I know of.

Darker Side: Pig Sex

“I can tell you the darker side. I know all about it. I had a lady call me last night that I know well to talk about one of the under-bellies,” he said before a long pause. “It’s too ugly to talk about. I’m not going to talk about it.”

Cowan is heard in the background to say “okay,” but Buttars immediately interrupts him.

“One thing’s called pig sex,” he said. “It’d make you sick. They do things that are just unthinkable.”

Cowan Googles “Pig Sex” and reads Buttars the definition from urbandictionary.com: “A sexual act that is considered outrageously dirty such as water spots, defecation, male-on-male bondage, group-sex and bestiality.”

Cowan asks Buttars if that is what is going on in the gay community.

“Yes,” Buttars replied. “You didn’t get real graphic about how it takes place though.”


“I don’t know why they act out like they do. You know some of them dress so bizarre. You take the transsexuals. Which they want to now be called transgender. They gotta get a kinder word. It’s like abortion. I mean, pro-choice sounds pretty cool.

An online poll on ABC 4’s Web site shows that over 92 percent of respondents disagree with the comments made by Senator Chris Buttars about homosexuals.


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