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“… Buttars-Palooza, with its goal of throwing “a lively and fun celebration of our diversity and inclusion of all in a fair and just society” — a party instead of a protest — is the sort of new and innovative activism that many in California and New York could learn from, and the sort of activism I want to engage in. They are still holding Buttars accountible [sic], but by promoting a positive image rather than shaking an angry fist.”

– Former Salt Lake Metro (QSaltLake’s former incarnation) editor Jere Keys, blogging about the party held at the State Capitol in the wake of Sen. Chris Buttars’ anti-gay remarks.

“We need to come together. These are the people who work with you, who you employ, who you give housing to. We want people to see that we’re real. We don’t want to be compared to radical Muslims.”

–    Pride in Your Community founder Elaine Ball, telling Salt Lake Tribune columnist Rebecca Walsh about her group’s dedication to public service.

“The kind of bone-deep, dehumanizing hatred Buttars spews is dangerous.”

–    Salt Lake Tribune columnist Rebecca Walsh.

“Waddoups’ equivocation is a slap in the face to his own constituents. He’s indirectly told every American who holds a biblical view of sexual morality and who rightfully believes that radical homosexual activism poses a grave threat to our American culture, that they should be ashamed of these traditional beliefs – that they should keep these beliefs to themselves.”

–    Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs for conservative, nonprofit litigation group Liberty Council, scolding Sen. Michael Waddoups for removing Sen. Chris Buttars from chairing two committees after Buttars made anti-gay remarks.

“Most importantly, Buttars’s comments ruins the religious right’s schtick. Their entire image depends on being portrayed as innocent Christians being attacked by “rabid homosexual activists” simply because they are trying to uphold traditional values and morality. … Buttars reminds people of a crotchety old man who wildly waves his cane as he spews venom and tries to keep from soiling himself.”

–    Blogger Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend on why the religious right is unlikely to defend Buttars’ remarks.

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