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“So, to the Sutherland Institute, Sen. Buttars and members of the Legislature responsible for killing these bills: You have opened my eyes to the depth of your dark side. You have inspired me to change my status from someone who passively sympathized to one who will actively fight in the future to find “common ground.””

–    Salt Lake City resident Beverly Vargo, in a letter to the Salt Lake Tribune criticizing conservative think tank the Sutherland Institute and West Jordan Republican Sen. Chris Buttars for making anti-gay remarks.

“You can have a difference of opinion over somebody’s lifestyle but to put them in a position of threat — that’s going too far.”

–    Heidi Beirich, Southern Poverty Law Center spokesperson, criticizing Buttars’ recent anti-gay remarks in the Salt Lake Tribune. The senator’s reference to gays as without morals and “the meanest buggers I’ve ever seen” put Utah on the center’s national “hate watch” list.

“I thought that would help restore the reputation of the state of Utah that has been dragged through the sewer by Senator Buttars.”

–    Straight Sandy resident Roger Carrier, discussing his proposal to build a statue of slain openly gay politician Harvey Milk in the state capitol with ABC Channel 4 news.

“I am Christian. I am also for gay marriage. However, whenever I tell any “open-minded” liberal person that I am a Christian, I get “the look.” I imagine it is the same look that one gets when they tell a “closed-minded” conservative that they are gay. Like you have an illness. … Intolerance isn’t just for the conservatives, and equality doesn’t mean reversing the roles that we currently play.”

–    Salt Lake City resident Lance Garcia in a letter to “liberal” City Weekly readers.

“Seriously, I was just talking about this with some co-workers, and I started to well up. It means a lot.”

– Brandon Burt, City Weekly writer on his blog, Brandon’s Big Gay Blog, discussing his reaction to Salt Lake City business’ support of Equality Utah’s Common Ground Initiative, an attempt to secure more rights for gay and transgender Utahns.

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