Emperor to Run for Treasurer

Alan Anderson is, perhaps, best known as Emperor VIII of the Royal Court of the Golden Spike Empire, under whose reign (alongside Empress VIII Auntie De) Utah saw the creation of its first gay and lesbian community center and its first Pride celebration. Since the 1981 he has served the Court as its board of directors’ president and treasurer.

This month, Anderson hopes that he can serve another organization just as faithfully: as treasurer of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party.

As a legislative chair for House District 45 (which encompasses Sandy, Midvale and Cottonwood Heights), Anderson has had plenty of political experience. But when he received an email about upcoming intra-party elections, he decided to throw his hat into the ring.

“I love working with numbers, and I wanted to help the Democratic Party,” said Anderson, who studied math and business at university and currently works for an insurance agency.

“I was very encouraged with what happened in Utah with this past election,” he explained, noting that Democrats won a majority in the Salt Lake County Council and that Laura Black beat out Republican Mark Walker in his district. “It’s going so that the Democrats are doing better.”  

Why the Democrats?

“I think the Democrats protect the marginalized people in the world, the people who don’t have as much, they look out for them more than the Republicans do, where I think Republicans seem to be more, ‘I want to be rich, and I don’t care what happens to other people,” he explained.

And helping people has always been one of the most important things in Anderson’s life.

“I’ve always been involved with causes that I believe in,” he said. “When I first moved to Utah 31 years ago, the Royal Court was the game in town. … It dealt with gay issues and helping gay people, and I think it’s always been important to help my fellow man.”

Before his run for office, Anderson helped his fellow man as treasurer for a number of organizations. As a college student in Nebraska he handled the funds of his fraternity. After his move to Utah he has been the treasurer of the RCGSE, and the International Court Council, a position he currently holds.

“I’m at a good time in my life to offer my services to the Democrats more than I have in the past,” said Anderson. If he wins his bid, he said that he will become a member of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party’s executive committee which meets twice a month. Along with taking care of the party’s funds, paying for convention space and other administrative needs, Anderson would help plan the party’s local conventions and caucuses, and help the state party in getting candidates for different offices.

If elected, Anderson would be the second gay person in the Salt Lake County Democratic Party. Head chairman Weston Clark is also gay.

As this is an odd-numbered year, the only elections taking place are those for individual party offices.

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