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“Buttars wants all married couples to consist of a woman and a man. I’m in complete favor of women and men marrying one another. Really, it’s a great idea. Where we get into trouble is when we act better than everyone else and certain that God likes the way we do things but not the way other folks do.”

–    Salt Lake Tribune contributor Barb Guy writing about anti-gay Republican state Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, and what she calls the inevitable legalization of gay marriage.

“Time does not permit me to ferret out which Utah high schools have GSA clubs and which Utah high schools intend to permit the Day of Silence observance. What you as parents can do is to keep your kids out of any such schools on April 17th.”

–    A criticism of the National Day of Silence posted by “Utah expatriate” blogger “Desert Dawg” to Voice of Deseret.

“Apparently, some poor lady’s “freedom” to control who can marry whom is being taken away. They’re such victims, aren’t they? Poor victims.”

–    City Weekly blogger Brandon Burt on the (oft-parodied) anti-gay marriage YouTube ad “Gathering Storm” by the National Organization for Marriage.

“A lot of people gave the issue more scrutiny after it became the topic of the week [and started seeing it] in human terms.”

–    Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr. talking to New York Times columnist Frank Rich about the aftermath of his February announcement that he supports civil unions.

“Right now, there’s just one thing interesting about him, that he’s a Utah LDS governor who seems to be leaning in the liberal direction on marriage issues.”

–    National Organization for Marriage president Robert George accusing Huntsman of supporting civil unions to further his presidential ambitions in the Deseret News.

“The governor doesn’t take a position in an effort to gain attention. He takes a position because he feels it’s the best public policy and the right thing to do.”

– Huntsman spokeswoman Lisa Roskelley refuting George’s accusation in the same article.

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